Cyber Stalked Book Bit 076

On this next diatribe, Medusa had copied and pasted a complete post I’d made on the Spirit forum about a meeting of a committee our council has called the “wellness committee”. I felt that was unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer’s money, and asked what others thought. Here was Medusa ranting on her own forum after copying everything I said from mine:

07-28-2008,: “I can’t stand it any more. Here goes: Jeni you dumb c***! What’s next? Are you going to install a TP cam in the employees bathrooms to monitor how many squares they use? Hope DPW forget to plow in front of your house, you pathetic puss. Oh, SHIT! Did I call you NAMES? That’s okay, I have a RIGHT to do that. I can’t fathom where you get all this fanatic made up bullshit. You really need some help… Good luck with that.”

My “fanatic made up bullshit” originated from some minutes from one of the meetings, which was posted on the city web site. But I made it up.
Let’s take a look at some REAL fanatical made up bullshit, shall we? Stalking me on other blogs as “Sheboygan Insider”, Medusa goes on a rampage.

“Wow, AB! I don’t visit this blog often, but you’ve actually made this particular visit worthwhile. By the way, if you were to visit Jeni’s blog, you would find that she doesn’t have a problem with the ‘N’ word because it was in her grandmother’s cookbook. That’s just one example of the ‘dazzling intellect’ she shares with Sheboygan.”

“If you value your anonymity, you won’t give Jeni ANY inkling of your true identity. This evil woman will make stuff up about you if she can’t find real dirt.”


Now that was rich. How does someone get like this? In that they will take their own wrong-doings and say someone else does them??? Too weird for me…


Meanwhile, back at the forum funny farm…


“I tried to post Jeni’s CCAP record on there. Thought it would be great fun. But my post didn’t make it.”

(REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”)
Can you beat that? Still obsessing over my CCAP record? If this is the first you’re reading about that, see Book Bit 007 for all the goodies – and Medusa’s most favorite screen shot EVER.
As for those posts on another blog; no one wanted her input on yours truly – I wasn’t the topic of conversation – not even close! I was, however, participating in the conversation. I had tried again after being quiet for a while, but I missed the interaction over at this particular blog and didn’t feel it was right that I couldn’t carry on what I’d always done. But it was only a matter of moments before Medusa found me participating again and started her trouble. Unlike my own community, though, these guys and gals knew immediately she was a trolling fool and treated her as such. Thank goodness.

Dang! I Can’t Get ANY THING Right!

I posted a video of a tornado touch-down in the Kohler area. The person who sent them to me told me the touchdown was in Kohler. Well, we can’t have that stand, now can we. Kohler is Medusa’s self-proclaimed turf, after all!
Here is the video:

“Leave it to Jeni… On her blog she has what’s supposed to be a slideshow of tornado damage in Kohler, except the photos are all of a barn in Falls. The tornado didn’t ‘touch down’ in Kohler either.”


Well, she can take that one up with the weather geeks in the area, because they’re the one’s who gave me the pics and info.

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