Cyber Stalked Book Bit 075

I wrote a letter to the Press – no idea at this point what it was about, but it must have been something important to me at the time, as I’m not one who does that much.
Since I hadn’t been paying any attention to the wench, Medusa, nor did I pay any attention to the Press forums, I had no idea what was all going on with her at the time this occurred. However, as is her usual “modus operandi”, she hammers her keyboard under her many different user names all in hopes the world will visit and see me portrayed as some kind of crazed monster. It took her until 2010 to admit she did this, but admit it she did.

“…During the process, I replied to a post under one of my alternate usernames…”

She also gets orgasmic pleasure in taking her insanity to the Press forums under several alias names, in addition to her own, of course. Because you see, it has to look like others feel just as she does.
“I love the riping she is getting on the press…. this is just too funny. haha”

“Isn’t this fun?”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”


“I think most readers will just dismiss her as another blithering fool like [deleted]. At least [deleted] admits he has a touch of dementia.”

No one was “helping” her, so, as always, let’s end this one with an…



“I see she’s playing cop wannabe on her blog again: Posted by ‘PDemployee’ (yeah, right)”


Getting bored, I guess, because it’s time to go back to my blog and try to get my attention through my queue, with pointless post attempts. (And then brag about them on her forum.)


“I actually posted on Shitnanigans!! Let’s see how long it is on before it gets deleted. in Silly me!!: ‘Hey Rocky, Is Moondog your Bullwinkle? You two sure are a comedy. Which one of you two has the prostate cancer on the nose? Oh wait, both!!! (in case you didn’t get…I am calling you two a$$kisseres!! Pucker up!!)”

Funny, funny. But when I delete garbage like that, I am “censoring”. Well, if not wanting foolish nonsense like that on my turf makes me guilty of censorship in mad Medusa’s mind, so be it.
Now the copy and paste queen finds something I said somewhere in all in her insufferable cyber stalking and copies and pastes it to use as another means of insulting me. What I said – somewhere – “Went to WalMart a few nights ago and felt like I walked into another country. I don’t think I’ll be shopping there much any more – barely hear any English until you get to the check out . . . Okay, so if we’re a minority can I get a free house, a free business, a free (BIG) new vehicle, and a free cell phone now, too???”
Ah, yes, so? That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.
“I’m pretty sure LIEsinger doesn’t have a clue about what it’s like to walk into another country. She can haul some scraggly, long-haired, bearded homeless drifter into her house, but shop with foreigners? OMG!”

“LIEsinger racist? Nahhhh couldn’t be. Just posting to make sure everyone sees my quote, it’s sooooo nice. ‘I have an old cookbook that belonged to my Grandma in which the word “Nigger” is repeatedly used to describe a black person. It was just an accepted descriptive word for blacks. In no way are the references derogatory. When and who made it an insult?’ -Jennifer Reisinger”

“Read the comments on this entry at [name & link deleted]. ‘AB’ takes on ‘[deleted]’ and Jeni, the Siamese twins of racist fruitloops.”


Well, wasn’t that fun.


Blah blah
blah blah blah

Next, Medusa made a long, LONG rant about a poster on another blog who was nice to me. She picked out thing he posted on blogs and spun them so bad my head spun reading it. She then proceeded to attempt to bash and trash him to the max – but she was LITERALLY all alone. Even her alter ego’s didn’t get into this one. Guess that would have been a bit tough to pull off – I mean, how many – 6, 7 (more?) that would have had to be following this guy – just because he was nice to me? No, even Medusa knew that wouldn’t fly, so she went solo on this topic. It was quite a rant, but I won’t post it due to the many names involved and of course, for the privacy of the man she attacked.
I can show you how she ended it though.
“And don’t forget to read ‘[deleted]’ comments on [deleted], to get an idea of what a raving, racist lunatic this guy is. (And Jeni loves ’em!)”

“Jeni loves ’em”??? And she would know this how, exactly?

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