Cyber Stalked Book Bit 074

I say, I have risen to the level of being quote-worthy! Along with a wide range of varied insults, lies, libel defaming and childish prattle.
Big Grin
I am quote worthy!

“But you know what? They’re just words. In the grand scheme of things, they mean very, very little. Frankly, I’m tired of this “PC correct” nonsense and refuse to subscribe to it any longer.”-Jennifer Reisinger
“I have an old cookbook that belonged to my Grandma in which the word “Nigger” is repeatedly used to describe a black person. It was just an accepted descriptive word for blacks. In no way are the references derogatory. When and who made it an insult? “-Jennifer Reisinger
“And nigger – well, as I said, as a rule I don’t really get into any name calling and offhand can’t think of a situation where it seemed relevant. But if you’re asking if I would place it in the category of filth or evil, no, I wouldn’t.”-Jennifer Reisinger
“To those crying racism, first of all, grow a pair and stop whining. Life’s tough”- Jeni ‘Ms. Hitler’ Reisinger
Quotes taken from Jennifer Reisingers Sheboygan Shenanigans blog.

I’m so honored. And do not have a clue what the “slanty-eyed” thing is about. Does that have some connection to militia’s? Nah…

“Now she’s playing ‘super patriot militia Jeni’.”

What’s up with this Hitler stuff? That’s shooting low. A blog post on July 18 at 8:26 PM, was signed off with, “See ya, Ms. Hitler!” Then there is the Hitler-esque avatar photo shop job I showed you in Book Bit 072, now yet another mention of Hitler.
“It’s official Jennifer Riesinger is no longer politically correct! Let the racial slurs be spewed without remorse! They are only words after all. [inactive link] Somehow Ms. Hitler seems to fit her perfectly. I wonder if Adolf knew he was evil?”

Can’t figure that one out. Gee, how stupid can I be?
“That thread is right up there in the ‘How Stupid Can Jeni Be?’ category. Jeni has certainly been outdoing herself lately……..Doh!”

How DARE I use my education to help someone with a web site?



Run, run away from me, lest you catch my stupidity!!!


“I like Bill, he may or may not make a good mayor but in all honesty, if he is associated with Jeni in any way, i would not vote for him. Bill, if you’re reading this please take note ‘if she built it, they will run'”.

Well, you know, us history buffs who make mention of an event in our country’s history, calling it by name, are just fodder for those who love to pull out the race card (even though she is a proven racist).
“Well it looks like ol’ Jeni is fond of the term wetback. She is all giddy she found something called Operation Wetback from 1954. She calls anyone offended by term a weenie. It’s official Jennifer Riesinger is no longer politically correct! Let the racial slurs be spewed without remorse! They are only words after all.”

Boy, in mad Medusa’s mind, I sure was a “busy bee”!
Busy Bee Thats Me
“Hi Jeni I see you nosing around again. ( What were you doing rifling through my sites (and [deleted]’s) the other night trying to log in to admin. panels. and leaving threats? Hmmmm?”

Ah yes, me and my altering posts – sure I altered them. I took out personal names/attacks, foul language and deleted non-nonsensical bull pucky that she kept filling up my queue with. But you see, this was just another facade of hers in an attempt to make me sound like all kinds of crazy.
“SheboyganShenanigans It’s not a safe place to post. Jeni alters her posts and YOURS to suit her agenda.”

“Your findings prove that every day, Jeni gets one step closer to total breakdown. One cannot maintain her level of lunacy forever.”

“Shenanigans is another fine showing of web design ineptitude.”

“She has been doing this from the beginning, she no longer has ANY credibility as a web host,blogger, administrator or human being. She can no longer sustain her lies with further lying, her downward spiral has begun.”




“Once again, Rocky Jeni is stuck on stupid.”



Look at all the names she used, the lies she made up, all because she worked up a hatred for me that had no boundaries. Nor did her hatred have any basis.
This is harassment at best, criminal psychotic episodes at worst (which is a really creepy thought).
Would you want a person like this breathing down your cyber-back? I don’t think so…

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