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Here is a perfect example of the infamous, now very much hated by many, STRUCK SPIN. On my blog I posted some information about something. The information was accurate but I was given the wrong name. When I learned of this, I posted again, as you can see in the screen shot, and corrected the information, then cited the minutes whereby I had gotten the original information from. (She was CONSTANTLY tearing apart everything on my blog, only at the time, I honestly didn’t know this, because I never gave her a thought, much less her foolish forum.
Struck Spin

07-17-2008, 08:45 AM: “Her latest crap.”
Brat Day Parade Update/Correction
Posted on July 17, 2008

It was the Brat Day Board behind this fee. I was given the wrong name, but the info on the fee is correct. I am awaiting more clarification on this and why the Tourism board was referenced. If I get it, I will post ASAP.
1. Council Agenda No. 7-60, RO. No. 109-08-09. Motion by Ald. Bohren, second by Ald. Kliejunas to file a communication by City Clerk. Submitting communication from Tammy Hittman, 2008 Brat Days Parade Chairperson, stating that the Brat Day Board has passed a motion to have any participating political figure pay a $50 fee for participating in the parade, however, if the Mayor/Council are able to provide 10 volunteers for the event, the $50 fee would be refunded. Motion Carried.
Source: Minutes from the Finance Comm. meeting, July 14, 2008
“This latest misinformation is just more factual proof that Jennifer Reisinger is a liar and will not apologize even when caught in her own deceit.”


Okay. Whatever.



And of course…here we go with this again – how many people am I now??? I can’t keep track. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”

“I think ‘Rocky’ is really Jeni.”


“I think Jeni also posts under different aliases so she can trash talk anonymously like she does when she comes over here.”

“They must all be Jeni aliases. There can’t possibly be more than one person who is that ridiculously stupid”


07-19-2008, 09:30 AM: “Though, lately, the most vulgar posts I’ve read here come from Jeni posting as one of her multiple personalities…”


“Personally, I like the part where he(she?) feels like he has the right to call people names! My second favorite part is where Rocky asked Jeni to delete Russ’ posts. Wonder how she did that? Does she have to do a personality switch to ask another of her personas a question?”


“I’ve lost track. Jeni has brought out ‘Dale’. How many multiple personalities does that make? Does Sybill still have the record? I think Jeni’s going to break it!”


“You’d think she’d at least make an effort to come up with something new when she posts as a different person. She needs to get back on her meds–soon!”

And finally…a smidgeon of truth from Medusa’s – alter ego “Otto”:
“Well, I have to give you credit, then. I just go over there to cause trouble!”

Speaking of trouble – remember THE flag photo incident? If you didn’t read about it, or want/need a refresher, See Book Bit 003.
This next post left me with zero doubt it was Medusa who posted it – just to “cause me trouble”.
“We can all thank Jeni for messing up the recall attempt by turning it into a race issue.”

The recall was in 2006. No one cared any more, much less gave it any more thought.
Well, no one except this obsessive oddball I call Medusa.

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