Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 072

Next there was a whole long thread titled, “The hypocrites of” – the entire thing was full of copied and pasted comments of mine that Medusa’s took in her cyber stalking from conversations I’d had on blogs I frequented back then, followed by childish name-calling, insults and the usual packs of lies and innuendos. Much of the same ‘ol same ‘ol.
Medusa began this topic with the following “statement”:

07-12-2008, 10:22 PM: “This is the first in a series of exposing the rank hypocrisy of Jeni LIEsinger and her blog. I figure it’s time to document it all in one place. Feel free to add your own testimonials.

(Yes, in red font! I will show you…)
Medusas made up series
Most of the bashing was done by her under her moniker “m” and her other favorite moniker “Otto”. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto” At the end of it all, Medusa has “fun” with the avatar I used at the time by making it “hitler-esque”.
Turns my avatar into a hitler-like one

Note the death threat I received shortly after her little photo-shop fun:

death threat
By now I’d about had it, so I did make up some web pages, showing SOME of the things she’d been saying about me and doing to me. I replaced the forum with those pages, then proceeded to try to get on with my life without this constant and insufferable drama. The pages are still online, if you’d care to view them. I did have them down for a time while I installed a new forum, but things were never to be the same. Sheboygan Spirit Struck Strike Pages

Highlights of the Mary Struck Show

Here are her “examples” of my supposed hypocrisy, etc. Please note that none of the people she references are me – she picks out someone posting under the name “spirit lady” on a couple and just says it’s me, because that’s what suits her.

Yes she is crazy
She be crazy alright.



Every body is Jeni!!!

So tell us, righteous Jeni. If your sites are no place for ‘filth and vile language,’ why did you say that photo was a ‘good one,’ and why do you allow that link to remain on your blog while you delete a comment from me that simply asked “So?”

More spirit lady

Even more hypocrisy on that same WHBL blog entry. Jeni’s hate-mongering buddy “Mickey” insults the police chief:
by Mickey,
. . . So Chief Jerk-Kirk is “investigating” you? Does he think he is J.Edgar Hoover?? Does he wear ladies undies on the side?”
Spiritlady (aka, Jeni) thinks calling the police chief a drag queen is hilarious:
by Spritlady,
“LOL mickey…you always make me laugh and then I can’t concentrate on a rational answer!!”


UH OH – now I did it. I am SUCH an EEEEVVVVIIILLLLL name-caller, look what I said!


“‘as I said, as a rule I don’t really get into any name calling-Liesinger’ Today on her website she refers to Kim Swisher as-little-miss-tourism”

“I can’t stand it any more. Here goes: Jeni, you dumb c***!”

“Like I said, Jeni/Rocky/Rick can dish it out, but the coward can’t take it. She fumbles for her deleting/banning button and cries for mommy to come defend her.”

“Well, we’d better not see Jeni at Brat Days!”

“On July 13th LIEsinger goes wacky on the city having a residency rule.”

“She’s really on a foaming-at-the-mouth rampage today.”

If you glance at the dates, you can clearly see this nonsense went on for over a month. There was SO much of it – and a lot of copying and pasting of posts from my blog as well as others blogs. She just kept it going, all by her lonesome. And if you’re wondering what much of it was about – I do not know any more than you! Well, other than the obvious – to libel and defame me, but some of that stuff is just so far out in left field it’s bizarre.
And she hasn’t even hit her lowest points yet. Not even close.

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