Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 071

This next one is downright scary – what a diatribe, and what ideas!

07-03-2008, 11:23 AM: “I think she has a savior complex/hero complex that’s rooted in extremist religious beliefs. Just look at her logo, advertising and motto’s. People like this need an ‘enemy’ to battle so they project “satanic evil’ onto someone or some entity, then proceed to conjure up all kinds of whacked out conspiracies to confirm their heroic battle in “standing strong” against the ‘insidious” enemy.’
“The Fundies do this with the public school system. They proclaim Satan has taken over public schools, so they’re constantly looking for reasons to portray public schools as a ‘spiritual battlefield’ where ‘Gawwwwwwd has been removed by the enemy (liberals).’ Right wing radio and newspaper commentators play to this pathology all the time.”
“Some Fundies also believe the U.S. army and law enforcement are soldiers of God or Go’s ‘mercenaries,’ so that makes anyone perceived to be anti-cop or anti-military even more the ‘insidious enemy.’”
“When any of her other minions start to “murmur” against her, they get the boot for their rebellion. When anyone challenges her whacked out conspiracies, they’re from the “dark side” and are just trying to stir up evil, vile attacks against Sheboygan’s righteous savior.”


WHEW!!! She lost it- big time!


But every is supposed to believe that this follow-up post was by “someone else”. Sure, “m”, sure.


“I find it very funny that the only response from a SS member is about her sources…Nothing about how she doesn’t have a condition or how she is in the ‘right’ … nothing of that sort.. Perhaps the ss member KNOWs how off her rocker Jeni really is? Come on member…you’re one of Jeni’s Trained ELITE aren’t should be able to have better come backs than that. I am so disappointed. Besides, which one are you below? I AM one psychotic SOB..Play Rugby for 17 years and see how you are?”


“m” as “Henry”

“I posted a comment that never saw the light of day from her moderators queue. All I said was ‘SO?’”

Following is a screen shot of that post – note the name she used (Henry):
Henry on Blog
Now later on, in October, check out what she says – again posting on the blog I had back then:
Caught in another lie


Liars Pants


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