Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 070

Meanwhile, at the crazy-crap cyber cafe Medusa called her forum…


I’m going militia-esque now!

Didn’t know I had that in me, too! Cool. (Later I’ll graduate to a Militia-kook!)

“She must be drinking too much of ‘Pink Panther’s’ militia Kool-aide.”

Ohhhkay…well, I truly have a lot of respect for militia’s so…at this point, anyway…
This was a topic Medusa started strictly in honor of making fun of me and something I posted on my blog at the time – I don’t recall what. It went on – and on and on, but here are a few highlights.
Let’s get a “hit” on my mom in here.
“‘You know, in my own experience, these immigrants a hundred years ago, got here, had to get a job, had to support their families. Had to learn English…– Joan’ What other “experiences” did you have 100 years ago, Joan?”

My mom responded.
“You fool. I know the history of the City and comment on that. You have a really sick, sorry mind.”

To which Medusa responded:
“I may just have to ban you, delete your post, and let others post all kinds of malicious, made-up lies about you”

And my mom one more time…
“Your posters make malicious, made-up lies about me already.”



“Hold on just a doggone minute… I don’t believe that was Joan posting. I have reason to believe it’s JENI using her mother’s name again. Sad. Truly sad. What a thing to do to your mother (who’s also a grandmother with a heart condition).”


“Jeni has the nerve to come over here posing as her mother to call you a bitch? Well if that don’t take the cake… I guess you can add another lie to her repertoire… ‘I never look at the vile, filthy dark side.'”




“I post for myself, miss m. Please look at my IP number and see that it is me.”

Never admit you’re a liar in mad Medusa’s mind.
“Regardless of who you are, you’re BOTH still hypocrites.”

Now note the hypocrisy here – this, after a LONG pile of crappy-crap-crap insulting me under several different (stupid) names she used at the time. You saw how she just boldly stated I was posting as my mother, then was proven wrong – that truly was my mom. She’d tell you that to this day. But in spite of being busted in her constant lies about who a particular poster on her forum was, she now expects to be believed stating – yet again – that she had proof of some supposed wrong-doing of mine all because she has an IP number.
Like I always say… Stupid is as stupid does. And this woman is literally stuck on stupid.
“Jeni doesn’t have to be ‘paid’ to visit this site. She comes here for free and shoots off her mouth. I’ve got the IP numbers to prove it, thanks to her making the mistake of allowing her ex ‘Snail’ to use her computer to commit cyber-fraud against me (or she did it, either way it was from her computer). You’re as bad a liar as she is. Sounds like you transcribed that post for her. Go back to ‘Splatters’ and drink some more of German Jeni’s Kool-aide.”

Now Medusa out-does herself.
"What the heck is their big hangup about "not even knowing Jeni." Why do we have to "know" her personally to comment on what she WRITES in CYBERSPACE? That's one of THE stupidest things I hear from them. Do they think we're going to have some magic epiphany if we meet Jeni personally? I AM THE LORD THY JENI Oh Lord Jeni, we'll never talk trash about you again!"
“What the heck is their big hangup about ‘not even knowing Jeni.’ Why do we have to ‘know’ her personally to comment on what she WRITES in CYBERSPACE? That’s one of THE stupidest things I hear from them. Do they think we’re going to have some magic epiphany if we meet Jeni personally? I AM THE LORD THY JENI Oh Lord Jeni, we’ll never talk trash about you again!”


Yet Medusa says I am “off the deep end”.


And I have “schizophrenia” (from what I know about that, it is NOTHING to joke about – under ANY circumstances).

This was from a topic that someone took a screen shot of – looks like it Medusa did some altering at some point in the topic when it was still online, because of the time changes (note the last post – time doesn’t add up right). In any event, my name isn’t actually used, but she was creating one of her “M-Otto” conversations again, all in the name of being “anti-Jeni”. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
Calls me a schizophreniac

07-17-2008, 11:32 PM: “How does one go about getting a lunatic off the streets, away from her computer and into the asylum where she can get the psychiatric help she so desperately needs?”
07-18-2008, 12:03 AM: “Well, when you finally take her away, be sure to check under her skirts to see who’s all hiding there. You might want to have them committed too just to be safe.”
07-18-2008, 09:50 AM: “I don’t think I’ll find anyone there. I think she has multiple personalities, too. What do they call that? Schizophrenia?”

And of course, we all know by now that “people like me” should NOT LAUGH!!!

“I can’t remember, are we ‘dark siders’ bigots, too? If so, we’re not alone. Here’s a post I found on smatters. Author: D Great One. ‘If anyone wants to have fun tonight or tomorrow, Mexican Fest is going on in Kiwanis Park. Just get a few of your friends to go down there in big black SUV’s and open the truck doors real quick and yell, Immigration and enjoy the fun.’ Jeni replies with a [laughing emoticon]”

Oh c’mon, people, must “m as Otto” talk to herself? No one wants to join in? Well, let’s ramp up the hate a notch.
“Honestly, how does that woman sleep at night? So full of venom and hate…Really, Jeni. If you hate everything here so much, why don’t you take your buddy Snail’s advice and move? We’d all be so much better off without your maniacal negativism.”

Yes, I guess…sigh. Because now my support of something I’ve known most of my life means I’ve “soared to new heights of “looniness”.
“Posted at Shenannygans: ‘Soooo…we cancel the Brat-Eating World Championship that brought in tens of thousands of people from all over the world who then occupied Sheboygan area hotels and motels, because ‘it’s not good for us’, but it’s okay to stuff yourself full of as many jalepeno’s as you can?’ But, Jeni, you forgot to diss Brat Days–they serve BEER! EVIL EVIL EVIL BEER! How much do you wanna bet they diss the local brat eating contest when that comes up? I think they are soaring to new heights of looniness!”

Oy vay another lie
I never “ripped” on our Brat eating contest – it has been a fun tradition where I come from as far back as I can remember – people loved it. In fact, the post on my blog was in support of it – you can read that above in the copy and paste job Struck did under the guise of “Otto”. And Budweiser – no clue what that’s all about. I so rarely drink beer, I’m not one to talk about it at all. This was a very strange topic with an “m-Otto” diatribe that simply made no sense at all. That’s a bit on the creepy side…as is the fact that this woman keeps “talking to me” over there – even though she knew I didn’t go there.
P.S. You know how Medusa/Struck gives herself away under her many aliases? She has habits she uses over and over again – yes, the self-professed “investigator” of peoples “writing styles” has her own unique habits. She uses “…” A LOT. She OFTEN puts words in quotations, she loves to use the names of real people, frequently uses the same topics/comments/descriptive words and uses the same emoticons in the same fashion over and over and over again and frequently puts two works together that really should be apart; for example, she will use ‘nutcase’ when it should be ‘nut case’. It’s interesting to note how easy it becomes to spot her “style” once you become aware of these habits of hers.

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