Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 069

Now the crazy woman is running around reading police reports about occurrences in my personal life – again. Let me just say this about what I’m about to post – SHE IS A CONSPIRACY THEORIST! Oh. My. Goodness.
I mean seriously – this stuff is really wayyyyyyyy out there. WAY out there. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so freaky…
Butting into my business again

“Snail’s January 28 arrest report said that Jeni”
‘…stated she began to become suspicious as she had further contact with this subject because he seemed to want to hide his identity from others and was worried about conspiracies against him. Ms. Reisinger knew this subject as [deleted] but said he also use the name [deleted]. From her conversations with this subject, she was told he has lived in states other than Wisconsin and was very reluctant to speak about his past’.
“He had been exhibiting that behavior for at least a couple of months before she calls the cops on him on January 28. She allowed him to post his delusional stuff about me and others that he only could’ve gotten from HER.
I posted on this forum on December 15 that his real name was [deleted], along with all the other factoids she claimed SHE ‘began’ to become suspicious of. In fact, in late January, Snail STILL appeared to have access to her computer because he was committing cyber-fraud against me under JENI’S IP number. (Or maybe it was Jeni doing it??? What do you say, Joan?).
I’m betting one of her minions (or Joan) finally convinced her to call the cops on him before he blabbed too much. Or he got access to stuff in her computer she didn’t want getting out.”

The wench did her little “let’s set the stage” game again with her alias “rjlutz” when she started this nutty diatribe.

“Snail – are you out there? I wanna ask you a few questions about Jeni.”

“Yeah. Whatever you say, Snail. Did you see rjlutz has some questions for you about Jeni?”

Hm. Was that supposed to “freak me out” or something? Did she ever hear of private email for things like this?
As I always say…stupid is as stupid does. You see, in Medusa’s madness, I am into conspiracy theories. She convinced herself of this and tried really hard trying to convince others, as well, as we see in this following copy of a post she made on the blog of someone else.
“Speaking of moon battery…your friend from Sheboygan, Jeni [dead link] Her conspiracy is so full of holes, it’s downright laughable.”

Of course, SO many are interested that they’re busy just like Medusa, taking screen shots of my forum! Wow, should I be honored or insulted?? I guess I’m supposed to be insulted because this person supposedly loved Medusa SO much they called themselves “Talkfan”! Of course, that couldn’t possibly be Struck – or could it? She was and still is her biggest “fan”, after all…
Nosy busybody

“Well, here’s indication that it was more than just Joan convincing her. ‘Talkfan’ had taken a screenshot of this post on SheboyganSpirit on Jan. 27. Jeni was reopening her forum after a ‘lockdown’ during which Snail was removed as moderator. (dead link) What I find interesting is that she indicates Snail had helped her with the update/cleanup process, yet the next day, Snail gets arrested and the police report says Jeni had already had locks changed, contacted credit card companies about cards that were used without her consent, and she expressed concern that Snail had gained access to other financial information on her computer. Boy, she sure was busy for a day!”

She certainly proves how ridiculous one can come off when they act like an “expert” on things of which they truly know nothing. For example, in a previous post I mentioned how Medusa talked of “a woman” seen at Walgreens with Snail and how later, that woman would become yours truly.
Oop – here it is!

“ALL of the audios, videos, letters, open records, emails etc were on her computer. Jeni & Snail looked rather comfortable/cozy with each other at Walgreens, so I’m thinking Joan convinced her.”


  • No clue what this Walgreens stuff is about.
  • I have never kept any of the above items on my computer, which proves how truly little they know me. Apparently they never heard of external hard drives…
  • Who would even care if I had gone into Walgreens with Snail, why would it be anyone’s business, and WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT IF I HAD???
  • Most of all, what the hell is she doing watching me in my hum-drum day-to-day existence???


HUH? Sigh. It is just SO hard to be me.

“It must be so hard to be Jeni…You have to hate so much. And be against both sides of issues. No wonder she’s delusional…You need help, Jeni…Serious help…”


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