Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 068


Want to see some incredibly serious hypocrisy? First, let’s jump ahead just a little bit and take a look at Medusa scolding someone:

“And don’t be posting people’s addresses on here!”


Unless it’s Jeni Reisingers.


First, Medusa “sets the stage”.

Google Maps Cyber Stalking

Then goes in for the “hit” with her favorite phoney name of “crazylife”.


06-11-2008, 05:19 PM Would you want a photo of your house on Google maps?
“This new feature on Google maps is cool, yet would you want everyone to have access to a photo of your house in case they got ideas to case the joint? This feature has only creeped into the Cedar Grove area so far. Go to Type in “Cedar Grove, WI” or any Cedar Grove (or Milwaukee area) address. Click the button that says “Street View” You’ll see the streets outlined in blue. Zoom in and you’ll see a little orange man icon. Click on him and a photo pops up. You can pan around and see a 360° view of the area. You can click on the orange man and move him anywhere you want to see a photo of the area. Is that cool, or what? …it can come in handy.

House from Google Maps

For example; when some niggers want to read a good cookbook at [my address deleted] in Sheboygan they can see what the house will look like so it’s easy to find.”


Now, let’s tell people how to WATCH THE HOUSE.

Watch the house

“The picture is correct for the address. A good place to watch the house is from the Horace Mann parking lot. You can blend right in with the other cars there.”


Crazylife isn’t done yet – didn’t get quite crazy enough for this round.

In Book Bit 064, I showed how Medusa came back to re-join my forum under that insufferably stupid name, “crazylife” again.
In Book Bit 067, Medusa mentions crazylife yet again in a post of her own, on her own forum.
Now, lookie what we have here! She’s bragging about a hit and run she did – er crazylife did (a-hem) in my forum, talking hell and damnation or some such thing.
Let’s look at precisely what she said – IMMEDIATELY after posting this garbage in my forum, she ran over to hers to proclaim “someone” posted it in mine.
Crazylife Again

“A ‘Crazylife’ posted this on S’matters.’Jeni Reisinger you are a liar, thief, and a racist. God is punishing you by killing off your family and friends. It won’t be long before you find yourself alone in this world. When you die you will be dammed to hell for eternity.'”

Gee, that’s not up to Struck – er, Medusa. Those devil voices must have been echoing in her head again.
But it doesn’t matter; after all, I’m just a childish freak of nature who spells her name funny.

“I was pondering this last night, but at exactly what age does it become a little immature to have your name spelled with an I instead of using the ‘adult form’ of your name? JenI Like I said I was just curious.”

No one took much interest in that nonsense so it just ended with the following comment:

Jeni should have been dropped after she left high school cheerleading. Just my opinion of course.

Alight-eee, that makes a whole lot of sense. (NOT!)
Of course, no topic / post would be complete without an…


“OMG, I see you managed to get ‘Rocky’ (aka Jeni) to pretend she’s black and call herself an ‘angel’.”

And again…
“Jeni…I mean ‘Rocky’…is BLACK! Sure as shootin’ der hey once, enso?”

Yes she is crazy
She be crazy alright.

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