Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 067

Pointed there looking for recent Reisinger crimes? OMG.

Recent Reisinger Crimes?

“I was pointed here searching for recent Reisinger crimes.
I know a little about this venomous person, as I was her landlord.
Jeni has been setting up and framing people for years!
She did it to her ex husband, to several boyfriends and to neighbors.
She was first convicted in 1993, again in 1994, 1996, and had charges from then to present.
When I heard she had done it AGAIN, only this time with the help of dirty cops, I just had to see what she was up to now.
It seems, it is the same old thing… find an unsuspecting person, make like she is going to help them, set them up, rob them, and then put blame on them.
I wonder if judge Stengle recognized her name, as he charged her several times.”


“Too bad the Liesingers can’t review a tape of their lives and correct the multitude of mistakes they have made.”


But it is me who “hallucinates”. And who keeps talking about “framing people”? Oh yea, Medusa.


“Jeni’s hallucinations”


Of course, we’ll never know what the image was because the stupid woman was STEALING BANDWIDTH – but of course, she can steal and not be a thief – I do NOT steal but am still a thief, just ‘cuz the mad Medusa – in her lust for lies – says so.


Oy Vay.

Boy, ALL of that is news to me – even though it supposedly is my life. But then what would I know. I was too busy with my clown posse…

“Jeni visits a coffee house? Here’s one of her clown posse members.”


Uh oh! While I’m so busy with my clown posse, Medusa is working on a set up – FRAMING someone, perhaps???


“Give me your address so I can leave some death threats on your front porch tonight. Then tomorrow, you can come on here and implicate Jeni and Joan. Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone.”

Well, that was fun. But we haven’t gotten in an “EVERY BODY IS JENI” yet!
First let’s set the stage. Someone pops in and posts the following – and while I appreciate the effort of the mystery person, it’s kind of a “groaner” because I just KNOW what is about to follow – and sure enough:


The mystery person said –

“well then ya’ll are retards too ‘cuz you posted jen’s full name over and over, all kinds of
links and filthy garbage and her address but thats ok. huh. and you posted a link to pictures of Mrs. [deleted]’s home and driveway AND mentioned the street corner the house is on as if you are so tricky and you posted the address of jen’s mom who is just a retired great-grandma with heart failure and you put her safety in jeopardy by doin’ that. whoa man, look at the hypocrisy over here. look how lo you all go.”

“I think Jeni or Joan made up another name to post over here.”

“I’m betting it’s Jeni. There’s no mistaking her stupid rantings and lame attempts to disguise herself. (And prove I’m “crazylife.” I’m sure you went running to your badge buddies and had them investigate. Funny, I was never even questioned about it. So cough up the proof, you low-life, lying scumbag).”


(She is STILL stuck on crazylife – but I prefer to call it stuck on stupid…ROFL)


“Quit posting the names of anonymous members of this forum, Jeni, unless you want me start naming names of some of your anonymous lackies, too. Just try me.”


Oh Medusa said it was just me and my mom posting! I mean, SHE SAID SO. So there you go! Well, then, she’s already posted those names a thousand times over, hasn’t she. So what’s the big “threat” this time? Oh wait, silly me, SHE KNEW THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE POSTING AFTER ALL, DIDN’T SHE!? WoW.

Want to see just how hypocritical and lame-brained this wench is? In the next image, note the [DELETED] – first of all, she copied that form of deleting from yours truly, but that’s nothing. What do you suppose was in the brackets? Yep – HER REAL NAME. SHE DELETED IT. She had her forum set so if her name was typed out, it would automatically be deleted, like you see in the screen shot below.

"Ya right, trust [DELETED] and get screwed. You're all nuts."
“Ya right, trust [DELETED] and get screwed. You’re all nuts.”

Well, it was awfully nice to see someone actually say it. Or try to, anyway. Medusa, anti-free-speech nazi, only allows the names SHE chooses to splash around to be posted, NOT hers.
Roll eyes

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