Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 063

About this time I had started a new forum with a new domain. The server I had been on at the time was giving me a lot of grief and after many attempts to correct the problem, I gave up and went to a new server. While doing that, someone suggested to me I call the forum “Sheboygan Matters”. I liked it, asked others, and we did just that.
The software I was using had a pre-written disclaimer you could use or alter as you wished. Before I’d even looked at it, Medusa was already picking it apart and attacking it – as if I had written it.

“I normally don’t start topics, but I thought this was funny as hell. Copied and pasted from ‘sheboygan matters’ diclaimer: ‘Don’t flame, troll, harass or in any other way aggravate me, my workers, my friends or my associates. Follow the golden rule. Most importantly, have fun so long as it doesn’t hurt others.’ In other words.. don’t do anyhting I don’t tell you to or you will be banned… What a crock of shit!! All I can say is; What a conceited (sp?) bitch! Sorry for ranting… ahhhhh. All better. aka CanisSapien. To know me is to know that I am Psychotic and I can be a SOB.”


“Always Welcome!!?? HAHAHA That is funny…. NOT!!”


“I just noticed this little gem in the disclaimer when you log in: ‘The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to regestered users’ In other words, be a good little robot, do what I say, agree with EVERYTHING I say and you can be in the special club too. Wow, is this what the mickey mouse club has become? ‘Jeni!!” … “Joan!!…Rocky … Susan’ … Sorry I am laughing too hard to continue…”

And then Medusa goes in for her kill – the thing she created all this drama (craziness??) for…
Digital brown shirts
“I wonder if Sheboygan Matters belongs to this”

She uses forum software. She knows it comes with a pre-written disclaimer.
Serves no purpose but to harass.
Definition of malice
Think it fits that description?
Perhaps this next comment does, as well – at the very least, it’s awfully mean and childish. First, a claim is made that my mom posted in the Press forum. Since it was to be a long time before I actually read what Medusa posted on her forum, I have no idea what that was all about. However…when I asked my mom if she ever posted on the Press forum, she said “No”. She said she never even went to their site after having tried a few times and having nothing but problems with it, much less post on the forum. She also said she didn’t even know how to post on their forum.
So I guess we’re still with “EVERY BODY IS JOAN – FOR NOW!!!
Mom shit me out
“Originally posted by Joan in the press forum – ‘Ah yes, no bantering with you folks would be complete without mentioning that over 15 years ago Jeni was charged with credit card fraud.’ And she’s proud of that vile thing she shit out.”

Still bringing up that stupid credit card fraud!? WoW. Just WOW.
Check out the blatant irony in the above post – the ‘digging’ queen of CCAP – that’s the Wisconsin Court Access web site. Who obsesses over finding things on CCAP? Who posted 116 links to a very old credit card fraud charge of mine? Who found the restraining order on my CCAP record soon after it occurred? Who dug into a friend of mine’s CCAP record? Not me! What a hypocritical bitch.
Of course, no thread would be complete with a good trashing of yours truly.
“Problem is even if Jeni had the infromation before the press, she lost any credibility long time ago. No one would believe her if her tongue came noterized.”

(Grief, this woman can’t spell. Remember, “m” is also posting as “Otto”.)

And now by extension my mom, simply because Medusa says my mom is posting on the Press forum. Do note that she doesn’t screen shot any of these posts supposedly done by my mom.

“That thread at the Press is so much fun! Joan is digging a deeper hole with each post!”


"The Jeni/Joan duo will meet their Waterloo eventually."
“The Jeni/Joan duo will meet their Waterloo eventually.”


“Those fruitloops have done gone over the edge, I think.”


“And by the way, Joan. You just proved once again what a lying, scumbag lowlife you are”


And now, Medusa shows the length of her cyber stalking claws…

Blatant copyright theft by Struck
“And by the way, Joan. You just proved once again what a lying, scumbag lowlife you are…How does it feel, Joan? Unlike you and your evil daughter, we don’t have to make up stuff about you. The FACTS are strange enough.”

I didn’t even know this story was online! I have the book, of course, but had no clue Prevention had put my story on the Internet – it was kind of fun finding out, though. 🙂 But I’m getting off topic. I have no idea what Struck was trying to prove with this – after all, if I hadn’t been happy to share my story with Prevention, I wouldn’t have – so if she was hoping this would be some big bug up my or my mom’s butt, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Also please note the circled words on the bottom right – Struck blatantly abused Prevention’s copyright by stealing this content from them. You see, her hate has no boundaries, certainly not those of propriety.

Medusa cannot let this go – this is incredible! She’s having her own party putting down a woman who was then in her mid-70’s, had heart failure, didn’t know how to even use the Press forums – my word!

“Oh, for Pity’s sake, Joan. Stop embarassing yourself. This is really getting pathetic. I really feel sorry for you with your never ending need to humiliate yourself over your asinine attempts at vengence.”

Instead of all the time Struck spends bashing, stalking and harassing others, she should be taking a refresher course in spelling. Maybe anger management wouldn’t be a bad thing – or what’s that “help” she always says I am in need of??? Me thinks she should look in the mirror – if it doesn’t break.

Of course that is all IMHO.

Big Grin

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