Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 062

Uh oh – my Mom makes a typo she’ll never live down…and this warrants the following how?
First, there was a misunderstanding. My mom wasn’t familiar with a local manufacturer – she’d never had reason to be. Plus, she has trouble with her eyes and mis-read something someone said, thinking they said something about pizza, so she asked. When she posted, she also had a typo in her post – “seel” instead of “sell”. Obvious what she meant, but to the likes of Medusa, a reason to go off like a 5 year old bully on an elderly woman.

“She lives in a bubble.
Joan – ‘I never heard of Rockline Industries. They seel pizza?'”

No one else seemed interested in picking on my mom, as the topic sat for days. Then…


Joan probably IS 'Taylor.'
Joan probably IS ‘Taylor.’


Well, at least I’m in good company. 🙂

But now we get to my question – how does that warrant the next postings?

EOE posts moms address


Followed up in another topic with…


EOE posts moms address

Of course, I had the honors of this harassment first…just before my mom.


There were 2 addresses listed – neither of which I actually lived at, at the time. But Medusa will soon figure that out and make sure she corrects this error of her evil twin, “Epidemy of Evil”.
Whatever would she do this for? Knowing full well I lived alone at the time and was receiving death threats? And do it to an elderly couple who she put on her hit list simply because they had a child named “Jeni”?
Evil. Takes low to a new depth.

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