Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 059

Any doubt Medusa really believed myself or anyone I knew at the time was bothering with her? Okay, Medusa shows she knows full well we ignored her…

“Ignoring us is futile.”

Random comments in topics that had nothing to do with me…but I’m supposed to believe these were all people in Medusa’s “corner” – not just Struck – er- Medusa herself under her many multiple user names. This first one was tossed into a topic about the 4th of July. The one immediately following was in the same topic, just a few moments later. I guess Medusa got herself all excited and couldn’t restrain from further pointless, senseless comments.
“This coming from someone who has their nose so far up Jeni’s ass that they know what color she shits.”


“Spew crew terms of acceptance:
Must lie through your teeth and never back you shit up with facts
Mental health disorders must be in full swing at all times
Must claim to ‘never go to the dark side’ but be over here constantly
Must kiss Jeni’s ass at all times
Bring in homeless people so they can get busted buying your drugs
Did I miss anything?”


“I’m not defending him, I said if you don’t like it to run. And since you don’t live in his district I suggest that you stfu and stop being a cry baby. I’m sure that your leader Jeni can come up with a solution.”


“They probably stake out [deleted’s] house so they can report his comings and goings.”
“Probably rifling through his trash, too, bunch of crazy bastards.”


And then this incredible, hypocritical statement:


“They will just laugh it off like this and continue their despicable behavior until the targets of their ‘affection’ step up to the plate and take some sort of legal action against them. They have no scruples, and they are just simply too dumb to realize that constant publishing of false ‘statement of facts’ about others is libelous and plain wrong.”


And some more wacky drivel…


“There is an evil illness lurking about our fine city. It lurks in a Secret Society called Sheboygan Spirit. Their illness makes them blind to the fact that they make themselves look like fools. Beware! Don’t catch this illness! You don’t want to become a fool, too!”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”

Wow -someone REAL -as in a truly different person called out Medusa.


“Well m…here we go again. Finally something other than your unbalanced obsession with Sheboygan Spirit to talk about. As you sit in your KOHLER home thinking your ‘all that’ and feeling its your obligation to trash Sheboygan, let me remind you that your opinion is not only a minority one, but actually quite disturbing.”


To which Medusa replied:


“I rip on the old picklepusses trying to hinder the city’s progress. You must be one of them. Your hypocrisy is showing – as usual.”

While all this nonsense was going on, “Psychotic SOB” makes another appearance whining about being banned from Spirit – gee, does anyone REALLY wonder why? Or is it just, “never let a lie go to waste”? Or nothing more than another way to insinuate I’m “crazy” -as in “seriously” in need of being “medically evaled”?
“Maybe there is a snowball’s chance in hell you can answer this question? Why was I banned from spew it because of my sign in name? The very same name as on this forum. I am just curious as to the reason? I have the feeling that the admin over there is borderline suspicious / paranoid / power trip. Almost to the point that they should seriously be medically evaled.

Things slowed down a bit at this point because I closed up the forum to public viewing. Medusa had nothing to copy and paste.
But she still couldn’t stop.
“Do you get the feeling she got a big time dissing?”


Beats me what that was supposed to mean.
But then, I’m just so stupid.

“It looks like Jeni is too stupid to figure out the spew it forum. $50,000 of internet education down the drain. I doubt that it’s a server issue, I’m guessing PHP and MySQL are beyond her comprehension.”

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