Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 057

"Of course she comes over here 'trolling' and 'flaming' with her potty mouth rants."
“Of course she comes over here ‘trolling’ and ‘flaming’ with her potty mouth rants.”

But wait, she KNOWS I did not go there…as did her “multiples”:
02-13-2008 by “PsychoticSOB”: “I would love to see Jeni post a reply on this forum and give us an explanation, but the chances of that happening are about the same as her telling the truth… 000.00%.
02-13-2008, 09:22 PM: “…you have that statistic wrong. The chances of chickenshit Jeni posting here are less than ten times 000.00%.
(See the screen shots of those posts in Book Bit 053.)
She can’t make up her mind. I go there, I don’t go there. I’m too chicken to go there, of course I go there … Guess it all depended upon the situation and the moment, and what lie fits her twisted agenda best.
Such BS…and speaking of BS, this next one is so full of it, it barely makes sense. I never participated in the Press forums but I had been told Medusa was always on them trashing me to the point others were getting tired of it. When I was told about this nonsense, I actually talked to someone at the Press and was told no such thing noted below ever happened and they had no idea what it was all about.
Lies about Press
“One word of warning: I’ve never had a post pulled from The Press until I started including text or links from Jeni’s sites. It usually takes me 2-3 tries before they allow it. They are very nice about it and let me know they don’t have a problem with my intent. They just consider the Spirit posts inappropriate and racist. Looks like Jeni made some enemies over there.”

Wow. Surely that spin led to a dizzy spell or two!
Now we have the goddess of evil poking her big beak – again – into something that was none of her business that involved an email correspondence I’d had with a local public servant. I shared it in the Spirit forum and the copy-and-paste queen, true to form, copied and pasted the whole darned thing into her own forum.

(Didn’t the woman ever create her own content???)

bleahAt the time this occurred, I wasn’t paying any mind to her, other than to deleted her trash posts she attempted to post onto Spirit. Had I been, perhaps I wouldn’t have shared the email exchange in its entirety, but you know the old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20“. In any event, the ensuing comments took place after she copied and pasted my Spirit post. I’m leaving that part out because first, it’s irrelevant and second, I don’t wish to drag any other names into this.
I also cannot recall specifics. This dates back quite a ways and I was a different person then. It dates back to the days I believed there was goodness in all people and justice in our nation. Oh what a fool believed…
And please remember, this fake-out freak posts under many ridiculous names “anonymously”. She likes to say her claim to fame is her anonymous posting “feature”, when in reality she only loves it so because it allows her to talk to herself…

Criminal element
“He is compassionate to the criminal element, with one exception: Jeni Reisinger.”

This next one is really rich – the queen of CCAP – the nut job who couldn’t splash around a copy of a very old misdemeanor by yours truly from where – CCAP, of course! The woman who must look every single day, hoping to find dirt on those she doesn’t like, because as SOON as a restraining order I had to get was posted on CCAP, she found it …yet she spouts off the following.
What a fake
“She’s made a hobby of requesting open records and scouring CCAP, yet she lets a drifter/fraud/druggie/schizoid in her house and into her computer without checking him out?”

I read somewhere – wish I could recall where – how people like her (psychopaths – IMHO, of course) will say others do the things THEY ACTUALLY DO. Sure sounds spot-on where Medusa is concerned!
Back to Jeni-bashing. She is so revolting…
“Her ‘hands on’ inspection of snail was more then enough!”

Yeah right
“Jeni has no life or real friends so she has to try and dig up whatever she can. Must be a pretty sad existence when your only friend is your mom.”

"Poor Jeni, it must be sad to be so desperate..."
“Poor Jeni, it must be sad to be so desperate…”


Remember: “m” is also posting as “Otto”


Here we go with the hateful religious blather again – but you are supposed to believe “someone else” posted this. Right, Mary, right.


A wolf in sheeps clothing
“Be careful Otto – you’re too nice. Don’t feel sorry for her; don’t feel pity for her. In my humble opinion (IMHO) this woman has only just begun to reap all that she has sown. IMHO, her deep religious beliefs seem to conveniently forget that she shouldn’t bear false witness against her neighbor (or anyone else) – and that’s just the beginning. I’m past feeling pity for her and what I see as a sorry state in life. I’m past trying understand what appears to be psychotic episodes that IMHO run in the family. I now see this woman as just plain evil – that easily spreads to naive (or could it just be dumb) people. IMHO, it’s like snake venom that spreads through the body – the body of our city. Hopefully karma is finally coming around!”

“IMHO, her Christian teachings are far different than mine - she bears false witness against her "neighbors" on a daily basis.”
“IMHO, her Christian teachings are far different than mine – she bears false witness against her “neighbors” on a daily basis.”


IMHO, this woman is …

Crazy emoticon

Because the following is one of the very few true statements this faker ever said.

Admits she does not know me
“They keep crying that we don’t even know Jeni and have never met her”


But even so, she really must keep the hate, lies, defamation and libel going – and let’s not let too much time pass before bringing up another implication that I do drugs.

“I think she should seek help for her obvious emotional issues. Or, get off the drugs. Whatever applies.”


That’s not satisfying her lust for lies enough. Now she has to come up with another crazy accusation out of the blue that is so “out there” it renders most speechless.

“What’s this I here about Jeni getting favors on the side from a cop.”


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