Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 052

Talk about rotten accusations – knowingly posting a falsehood, even after admitting she knew otherwise. Follow along.
Medusa had irked Snail and Snail had posted a few things on his blog about her. Other posts on her forum were nasty and Medusa, in her usual know-it-all fashion, claimed it was Snail making those posts – and by association tried to tie me into them, of course.
But here she says “he tried…” – note the date and time, 01-25-2008, at 12:53 PM.

Making up more lies
“It looks to me like he was trying to get me ’email bombed’ by signing my business e-mail addy up to mailing lists. I believe this would also qualify as ’email spoofing.’ He probably did other stuff with my identity, too. He and Jeni have proven (again) what frauds they are.”

Yet, on the 26th, she claims:


"I got confirmation today that it was Jeni's computer that used my personal business e-mail address to sign me up for at least one site that generates spam. I sent an abuse report to Charter."
“I got confirmation today that it was Jeni’s computer that used my personal business e-mail address to sign me up for at least one site that generates spam. I sent an abuse report to Charter.”

IMPOSSIBLE – because it was not me. Furthermore, I didn’t even know what kind of problems she created for herself, or what, if anything, Snail had going on with her.


Yet, she has to take this even further – interesting to note, that later she was to do this very thing to me. Personally, I never heard of such outrageous behavior. She also makes up a nasty accusation about Spirit.


Spirit never had anything to subscribe to!

List Linking

“It’s not just a matter of complaining about junk email, it’s showing that Jeni’s computer was used to engage in a malicious email bombing attack on my business (along with sending defamatory emails to people). What they did even has a name and is discussed on hacker forums. It’s called “List Linking.” If they’re doing this, what else are they doing? (Another person who tried to unsubscribe from Spew-it got bombed with hundreds of spam messages, many of which bypassed the junk filter).”

List linking This is a recent form of harassment where someone discovers your email address(es) and subscribes you to a large number of mailing lists. Often these lists generate as many as a hundred emails a day and some also send emails with large file attachments associated with them. A malicious user who wishes to disable another user’s email processing can easily do this by subscribing them to hundreds of mailing lists; this is a process that is quite easy to automate. An attacker who wants to disable the communications of a large company can, if they have access to the internal email directory of the company, disable its email system completely.

This is so preposterous it would be funny if it weren’t so creepy-crazy. She ticked off SO many people that if this really did occur – and no one knows if any of her rantings are even true in the first place since all she does is lie – who knows who may have done it, but it sure wasn’t my thing. I wouldn’t have wasted that kind of time on the likes of her. But by now you can see her pattern…

Struck is the FRAUD!
“More fraudulent use of my business email addy by Jeni’s computer in an attempt to flood my business email account with spam. I have evidence showing that the Charter IP number in confirmation message below [deleted] belongs to Jeni’s computer.Snail also complains on his blog about me blocking Jeni from this forum. [Deleted] is the only IP number I have blocked, so he’s basically admitting that’s her number. Stop using my business e-mail address to sign this forum up to spam sites, FRAUDS!”

And then one of her first attempts to tie me to porn – something so far outside my comfort zone I don’t even care to talk about it. Now Snail, I don’t know what he did on the Internet. I never sat and watched over his shoulder. I also never saw whatever it is she is referring to on Snail’s blog, so I can’t comment on it, much less say if it’s true or not.
"Do you think Jeni/Snail had anything to do with all that porn spam I was getting? Snails new site has a link to porn gateways."
“Do you think Jeni/Snail had anything to do with all that porn spam I was getting? Snails new site has a link to porn gateways.”

This is very interesting, because in 2009 I was to become a real victim of this spam-bombing, which cost me the ability to refinance my homes. And her friends at the local Internet company who allowed the use of their service for it, refused to give up the necessary information to the police. I pursued the matter all the way to the Chief of Police, then the Sheriff, and the District Attorney. All I got back was a repeated lie that made no sense whatsoever. They kept saying it was a “phishing” incident. No, no, no…my information WAS used. Phishing is when someone tries to GET your information. I have that all documented separately. I complained all the way up to the Department of Justice but no one would do anything.
I was also going to be signed up for a porn affiliate site, then coincidentally enough (a-hem), was later accused of selling porn where? Of course, in Medusa’s madhouse.
But I am a “psychotic liar” and my friends were a “band of proven defamers and nuts”.
Psychotic liar is Struck
“…so, why is a cop funneling info to a psychotic lair and this band of proven defamers and nuts?”

Just for the record, no one was “funneling” anything. I received a call from a cab driver about a criminal occurrence he learned of during the night. She didn’t like that – as if it was any of her business in the first place.

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