Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 050

First, let’s attack my work ethic…

Accused me of stealing
“Jeni must be stealing from her customers.”

That (above) is so outrageous and so unwarranted – AND so untrue – what can one say?
But let’s get a bit more outrageous – now I’m a racist. This will become another regular insult.
Racist accusation
“Hey Snail, While you and your fellow racist Jeni complain about me violating your copyrighted work, why do YOU have one of MY images on YOUR Snailsoft forum, hmmmmmm???”


Note the unbelievable hypocrisy here, as well – she was, nearly DAILY, copying material off of me, but a screen shot Snail made of something of hers and we have a total double standard.

Racist Ramblings

But let’s go back to the racist matter for a bit. The following shows a small sampling of posts on Medusa’s filth fest from the years 2008 on that not only were welcomed, but enjoyed by her and her ilk.
Racist Talk

12-29-2007, 03:36 AM: “Then there was another, I guess I am just a sucker. This ass clown started out with the line, ‘Excuse me, are you afraid of black people?’? Well, the only person I am afraid of is Jack Frost so I took the bait and said, ‘No’. He goes on to explain that he ran out of gas. The evil people at the gas station would not let him use their gas can without a deposit. He said that he had asked other people in the neighbor-hood for moeny and they said ‘Get away from here nigger’. Well that get me pissed. I generally like people until they piss me off. He had some sob story about how the gas station would not accept his drivers license as deposit on the gas can and he needed $8. So I, the sucker, give ass clown $8. Ass clown then says ‘Do you think that will be enough gas to start a Cadillac Escalade?’ OK, light bulb finally goes off in my dim-witted head, another black ass scammer. But I play along and say that should be enough. He keeps following me. I get to my house and he holds the $8 in front of me and says ‘I’m sorry, this is only $8, I said $28’. I said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry I reach into my purse, pull out a 9MM Glock and grab my $8 back from ass clown and say, ‘Get out of my neighbor-hood nigger’. True story…don’t let Sheboygan become this crap.”


Racist Talk 01
“Mexicans are born half tequila anyway, it’s like us drinking water.”

Racist Talk 02
“The other day I was outside and saw a group of mexicans in the yard that I never remember seeing before listening to their lovely music, my husband took out his air soft gun, through down his baseball cap and started dancing around while shooting his gun – nothing was in it. Anyway, while they were there all of a sudden my husband and I see a couch in the yard. We said oh hell no! This is – was – a nice neighborhood and these people are NOT coming in and turning it into some southern junk yard. Then it rained.”

Racist Talk 03
“Slavery gets shit done”

Racist Talk 04
“Anyone hear about the mayor trying to grab the city police chief spot???? I smell a FUCKIN TACO BREWIN!!!!!!!”

"No stalking. Just staying on topic, showing the cookbook niggas that they might find Google maps useful."
“No stalking. Just staying on topic, showing the cookbook niggas that they might find Google maps useful.”

Racist Talk 09
“Adios you FUCKIN TACO”

Racist Talk 05
“You ever crack a mexican in the head? I love that shit. He says, Yo Hablo, then I crack him in the melon. That shit snaps like a dehydrated taco. Booom Baby!!!!”

Racist Talk 06
“Like Navin Johnson always said, ‘Lord loves a working man and never trust whitey’.”

"Never ever use the word like the word coon better"
“Never ever use the word nigger………day like the word coon better”

"A spicnic?"
“A spicnic?”

Racist Talk 08
“Fu*ken nigers at it again … 3 of the scum of the earth gang raped a woman in sheb. last week, let’s see what the dumb a$$ jury from SHITBOYGAN decides?!”

But it’s me who is racist.


It gets better. On the 12-23-08 post, she tries to make it sound like … drum roll…


Racist Talk 08
“Sounds like Jeni must be off her meds.”


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