Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 049

The you know what was flying here, there and everywhere. Someone who was apparently unfamiliar with the tactics and shameless behavior of Medusa had participated in the Spirit forum. He then went to visit “HER” forum. Here is what he said:

A newbie comment on Spirit
“Seriously, there appear to be some very well intentioned people over at Spirit. I was actually surprised at how many were willing to listen and even agree with ideas that may challenge what was going on with their site. I’ll always give them that.”

S/he was ripped a new butt-hole and didn’t hang around there much longer – nor did they care to come back to Spirit. Gee. I wonder why.

Random Rottenness

Here are a few examples of lies, libel and defamation that took place in the time frame we are currently in. It is really difficult to keep it in a sensible order because – well, none of it really makes any sense.
January, 19, 2008, Medusa decides to start a YouTube channel – just for me! With her remarkable video skills, too yet. I’m so honored…
Struck goes on a god warrior rant
She said in her comments,

I created this video to mock a crazy ‘Christian’ woman in Sheboygan who was always calling me a ‘dark sider’ because I ripped on her on my local message board. The dingbat took an Hispanic former mayor to federal court for ordering her to remove a link to the local police department from one of her retarded websites, then she goes and hops in the sack with a married cop before the lawsuit was even resolved.


Rant continues
“Jeni the savior blames YOU for her lawsuit. She’s just trying to save Sheboygan. Now this delusional woman (who obviously has a ‘Savior complex’) is trying to con people into believing her lawsuit is all about saving the city because you lazy assed complacent Sheboyganites wouldn’t do it yourselves by signing the recall papers.”

Right, Medusa. ‘Cuz YOU said so, “en-so”? Just like you tried boldly stating this next LIE as the truth.



Suspension lie 1
“Jeni also sent a complaint to my host trying to get this forum suspended.”


The Truth?

I asked that material she copied and pasted from Spirit be removed. Her constant copying and pasting our discussions in the Spirit forum to use as content for her madness was wrong and tiresome.
And here unwittingly she admits it was just a copyright complaint:

Admission of lie
“Jeni likes to use the term ‘post haste’. Like when she submitted that ‘copyright abuse’ complaint to Siteground.”

Someone had posted a bit of a rant against Struck on Struck’s forum and in that rant, that person used the phrase “post haste”. Since I also used it in my letter to Siteground asking that my material be removed from that site, in crazy Mary’s mind, that was solid proof that the rant post was made by me.
Never, ever did I use the term “suspension” in any correspondence or to anyone. It’s not my business what she does on her forum – so long as she leaves me alone. She will not. And she wasn’t just copying and pasting from Spirit, she was copying and pasting any and everything I posted anywhere that her stupid cyber stalking led her to.
So her next stupid game was to say that either myself or someone from Spirit posted on her forum. Now I don’t know about others – she allowed anonymous posting (the only way she could get any posts outside of her own anonymous garbage posts), so anyone could have made posts…but again I tell you, not a one was made by yours truly.
Not. A. ONE. Not in reality, anyway. In the world of mad Medusa
Every body is Jeni
And of course, all her problems are my fault because I “outed” her.
It is all my fault
“And you all wondered why I wanted to stay anonymous. But that witch Jeni just HAD to go outing me to all her freak friends…”

She thinks I outed her because first, I gave her name and site link a mention on a blog she stalked me on, as noted earlier, and second, I eventually made a forum post on Spirit and gave her identity in the post, stating she was the one harassing us. But recall that she went squealing like a stuck pig to the District Attorney and the local press when she black-mailed the person in her blackmail scheme. Her name was printed in the paper when she pulled that stunt along with a mention of her forum– the local paper that condones blackmail. She “outed” herself with her unfounded hatred of anyone who even remotely “liked” yours truly. So you see, I wasn’t saying anything new.
In addition, anyone could get that information with a simple WhoIs look-up on her domain name. She didn’t use private registration – it was such a simple thing to discover. Furthermore, she felt she was the be-all and end-all of knowledge, and was so proud of herself, why not give her the credit she so badly wanted? I mean gee… give credit where credit is due!
Why, she even claimed she got more advertisers for her little village “paper”, when I mentioned her name, so I did her a favor! I love helping people…
"I got more business when she plastered my name and business info. all over the net (including a Milwaukee blog). So thanks for sending some extra bucks my way, Jeni!"
“I got more business when she plastered my name and business info. all over the net (including a Milwaukee blog). So thanks for sending some extra bucks my way, Jeni!”

Sounds like a good thing IMHO. So why keep bitching about it?

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