Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 048

Shall We Give Medusa an “E” for Effort?

01-15-2008, 10:51 PM: “What amazes me is how unabashedly they lie. I think they seriously believe the whacked out conspiracies they invent. All those blogs I supposedly followed Jeni around cyber stalking her are still out there.”

But the problem with her illogical “logic” is that most of her posts were deleted for inciting hate, vitriol, defamation, insults, threats and other unacceptable behavior that those blogs would have no part of on their sites. You can’t log a trail that’s had 99% of the material deleted for inciting hate, filth, blasphemy and vitriol.

Stalkers Game of Deceit

Next is an interesting admission, also…she was so hell bent on harassing me, she would use others computers to do it, not caring that she could be putting someone else in jeopardy. (Remember, “m” is also posting as “Otto”)

Trolling Spirit Admission
“He just might. I got on SpewIt with someone else’s computer a while back. Made my nasty comment and that computer was banned in minutes!”


More trolling deception
“If it wasn’t 3:30 in the morning I’d go [s]trolling down the street for an open access point Hmmm, if I get called in today I suppose I could get some Milwaukee hospitals banned.”
She’s hiding in the dark, playing deceptive games, in the wee hours of the morning.
But it’s me who shouldn’t show her face in public.
Show YOUR face!
“I don’t know how Ms. Reisinger can show her face in public – such a fool.”


And of course, it’s me who MUST GROW UP! Who must take “looney tune meds”, has “delusional problems” and is, of course, the BIGGEST problem Sheboygan has…all that in a few sentences.

Insult insult insult and insult
“Perhaps if you took your looney tune meds the death threats would stop. I understand that is a common problem for people with delusional problems like yours. You are the biggest problem Sheboygan has. Again, I challenge you to grow up!”


Some logic. Lest we forget, we must get a dig in there on my work, too:

My work. Its such a joke.
“She’ll probably try to claim her lame web design business suffered. What a joke.”



REMEMBER AS YOU READ: “m” is also posting as “Otto”


Commenting on Press forums
“I’ll repeat my posting from the Press forum: OH, for Pete’s sake. Can’t that woman just give it up already? Why should our city officials be wasting their time on this trivial BS?”


Stalking Spirit
“I saw mention on Spew-it that Snail is suing the city too.”


And MORE cyber stalking
“I also posted this on the Press forum: They’re just trying to nail [deleted] again, or force him to resign. Here’s what someone posted to her on Badger Blogger (of course I’ll be accused of “cyber-stalking” her again, but here it is anyway): ‘Jeni,Sue the city into receivership. Demand that all The [deleted]-istas resign as part of your settlement with the city.’ To which Jeni replied: ‘ROFL!! A-men.'”

More cyber stalking 2
“From the ‘Daily Righteous and Evil’ blog, Posted Nov. 3 ‘Ms. Reisinger must be jumping up and down with joy…'”


Cyber stalking continues
“Except, it hasn’t hit the media like last time. Not one single blogger buddy of Jeni’s has reported this that I’ve seen.”


Yet more cyber stalking
“I see Jeni laughing about the video on Spew-it. “

Even more cyber stalking
“And here are some interesting October posts from Jeni on Badger Blogger”


What terms I like to use?
“Jeni likes to use the term ‘post haste.'”


No, no, no…no cyber stalking whatsoever. Of course not.

I could also give anyone who says they were just discussing a public matter at the time an “E” for effort, as well; however, this went WAY behind discussion of the matter – WAYYYYYY beyond.
As in personal attacks – why even veiled threats.

Another Struck threat
“Since I can’t shut them up with their pathological lying and cyber harassment, the law will have to…”

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