Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 047

Another Public Struck Threat

Oh boy, someone lied about Struck – er Medusa – so now the tables turned.

Before I continue – ask yourself, what would my days have been like had I reacted this way to the gazillions of lies she had already posted about me? How many threats like this would I have had to make? How much time must it take to do these things? How much energy wasted on stalking, hating, lying, jealousy – OMG, have mercy!

Seriously…this is some crazy crap going down here. Crap that no one I knew and talked with regularly at the time even knew about. It was a long time before I discovered it.

Struck and another of her threats
“Either you learn to stick to facts and stop with your infantile lies about me, or I won’t hold people back from posting whatever they want about you all. That includes every one of you and anyone you associate with. One cop who associated with you has already had to pay the price for your idiocy. Just keep that in mind when you’re scheming your next assault of lies. Jeni, if you and your cohorts can’t get a grip on your new perv buddy Snail, you all will have to suffer the consequences.”

Now recall from the previous post, at 7:10 PM on the 14th of January, the same day as this threat above, she said I was the one posting the “infantile lies”. The post above was made at 6:30 AM of the same day, yet she’s tossing out several names (of uninvolved people) to blame. This proves she hadn’t a clue who really made the post she is referencing.

Stupid is as stupid does.
Malicious bitch
Speaking of stupid, please also take note of how proud she is she harmed someone else with her hate: “One cop who associated with you has already had to pay the price for your idiocy.

Also note how she directs this at me – as if she’s actually “talking” to me. Can we again say, “UBER CREEPY”?

And what’s this, “get a grip on your new perv buddy” – am I my brothers keeper? I think not. Besides, Snail wasn’t someone you put on a leash and barked orders to. He was a grown man who could do his own thing, on his own time, at his own discretion. I had zero control over him, nor did I want any – I just attempted to help the guy.

The lack of reason and complete lack of sensibility, let alone decency and respect is – to me, anyway – unconscionable and insufferable.

We have another rather “telling” comment from Medusa – she actually believes she is engaging in some “cat fight”, yet that never was the case, never WILL be the case. How do you “cat fight” with someone who ignores you, wanting nothing to do with you?

Strucks imaginary cat fight
“The catfight started because they can’t handle having the accuracy of their ‘information’ and ‘viewpoints’ challenged.”


Now I truly don’t want this made political, but the cold, hard, irrefutable proof is that this she-devil is a liberal, anti-Christian ego-maniac who cannot stand to have someone who holds differing views have a voice.

Struck is a perfect example of liberalism at work in this nation today. It’s pathetic, it’s inane, it’s unfair, it’s ugly, it’s intolerance to the extreme and it’s filled with pure, shameless hate and hypocrisy. And brother, is she a perfect example!

slappingThat’s why I now loathe politics. We’ve got this country – thanks to people like this witch – running around bitch-slapping one another like a pack of wild animals. It’s pathetic. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Here is a supposed β€œmember” of hers shooting below the belt (I think it was REALLY Medusa) πŸ˜‰ . I formally introduce to you what was to become one of Medusa’s favorite user names for a while…

β€œI think it's from inbreeding. Does Jeni work at RCS?”
β€œI think it’s from inbreeding. Does Jeni work at RCS?”

RCS stands for Rehabilitation Center of Sheboygan. And actually, I did do volunteer work there as a teen and it was a wonderful learning experience with the sweetest people. To use them and joke about it this way is so β€œMedusa” – as in so evil.

That β€œEOE” user name is appropriate, isn’t it?

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