Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 046

Next we have a rather nasty posting that appeared on Medusa’s forum – only this one is about Struck. Following is the text of it – many names, so many [deleted]’s, sorry.

01-13-2008, 11:27 PM Mary is humping Mike [deleted]: “Mike [deleted]: Hubby of Kim [deleted] and City Tourism (rip off) director. While Mary continues to bash upon everyone else’s web sites, we decided to take a look at her piece of SHIT. First, it runs on a forwarding DNS which is a crappy thing for a business site (and a cheap way out of paying for a top level domain name and host).

The page source code is about as tacky as can be for a business site. It’s framing off-site, which is also a pretty lame-ass for a business site. She’s using terra media to host her files, no doubt for free, after no doubt screwing the owner (Mike [deleted]).

It appears her husband has finally put his foot down on one thing he won’t buy for her – -a decent web site; a professional web site like Jeni makes. Now tell me Mary [deleted] doesn’t have direct political ties to Sheboygan. Before Mary [deleted] goes around flapping her lips, she ought to pull them off the dick she’s sucking before she speaks.


And what’s the retort to that?


Down and dirty
“Actually, after comparing writing styles and punctuation, that latest fascist lunatic rant looks to be from Queen Jeni herself. Someone needs to send the white coats to that house and haul them both away in straight jackets. Jenni/sheeze, whoever the fuck you are……it appears to me that you are the reason abortion is legal…..”


She convinced herself – and wanted others to believe it as well – that I posted that nonsense.

And of course. bash my work…

Alter ego lambshell
“‘…a professional web site like Jeni makes’. That’s funny. That’s nothing more than a cookie cutter website that the snought nose brat’s friends mother’s cousin’s hairdresser’s friend’s dog’s babysitter from down the street makes, dude!”


Alter ego unregistered abuser to bash my work
“You would think with the $25,000 education on web design she could do much better than that. She should have just thrown that money out the window if that’s the best she could do.”


Alter ego danno
“Funny how these cock-breathers can talk about this site but where the heck are their sites…maybe cuz they don’t have them new fangled digital lines ran out to the trailer park yet…….once again, more reasons to keep abortion legal….keeps idiots like that from breeding or being bred…”


Well, coming from someone who can’t even spell the word “snot”…


Morbid Medusa attempts to make people think I posted that garbage about her – she knew full well I did not, but this is a liar we’re talking about. Truth is of zero importance. In fact, the more lies she can spew, the more excited she becomes.

On January 13th, 2008, someone else had posted quite a spiteful rant against Medusa – quite in tune to the truth, but it was stated with much obvious anger. Now I’ll say this quite clearly again:




I never had a desire to fan her flame, get into some Internet pissing match, or anything remotely similar. I wished she’d get her own life and shut up, yes, but beyond that I had no interest. She knew that then and knows it now, but again, truth has no meaning to that she devil. So please, as this proceeds, remember this and know that none of the posts she says are me, were. NONE. Also, everything she says about me she spins so far out of context there is barely a shred of truth left – oftentimes none at all.

Okay, here is the post:

01-13-2008, 10:20 AM: “I personally have been watching every move and noting every traitor here and I assure each and every one of you, you’ll go down all of your own making. maybe it’s time some of you tried thinking like civilized adults instead of ape-shit idiots. Get out while you still can, if you have a shred of dignity and self-respect.”

“And you betcha I’m using a proxy, YOU TAUGHT ME HOW! So go ahead and tell you small little following that I hid behind a proxy again, but I’m saying it now. WHY? Because… You followed Jeni all around the blogs SHE FREQUENTED FOR MONTHS (that’s called cyber stalking in legal terms dimwit) causing yourself to be banned from several with your childish rantings and YOUR USE OF PROXIES. Yup, loser, learned all about using proxies from you so since that’s your claim to fame, I’m using it on you myself. Take what you get and shut your trap about anonymous posting — you’re the queen of it.”

“You hide behind a single initial and spew your hatred as if its gospel; well, shame on you. I’ve never seen one open records request here from you showing the shady goings-on that you support. Show us some proof of your stand or go hide behind your computer harassing someone else. Your credibility is shit, girl. Total utter SHIT. You’re paranoid, delusional, hateful, vengeful and attack people you don’t even know. you’re an evil, harmful human being and Sheboygan is fed up with your hateful interference.”

“Blow it out your pathetic ass, MARY STRUCK. And all of you little minions and MARY STRUCK multiple personalities, that goes for you, too.”

“GO ahead and have at me now; I will never return to this vile place again and what I don’t know can’t and won’t hurt me but just know this, to be seen around here is to be looked upon as quite the loser — and that’s putting it nicely. I’m done monitoring your vile behavior. I hope, as word has it, it is in the hands or proper authorities and no, [deleted] has nothing to do with it so HA to that stupid idea you had of bothering him, you NON SHEBOYGAN resident.”

“Hasta la Vista babies … may anyone who views this never darken their computer screen with this vile cesspool of hate and lies again. Over and out (for good).”


I can’t deny there are some things stated in that diatribe that I applaud! I do have a few ideas as to who it may have been, but honestly don’t know for certain, nor has anyone ever “confessed”. Anyway, there went Medusa:




Every body is Jeni!!!
“Too bad Jeni comes over here to do her crying and vomiting.”



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