Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 045

Now we go back to Snail. He was someone down on his luck that I thought I was helping. My intentions were solely from my heart and for a time we developed what I thought was a pleasant friendship. We’ll get into what happened soon, but for now, I had made Snail a moderator in the Spirit forum because it was helpful. Nothing more, nothing less. Snail had no ability to harm anyone, nor access to their personal information. But morbid Medusa comes up with her own scenario when her stalking discovers I allowed him to re-vamp the look of the forum – as if it were any of her business in the first place. You see, it was her mission to ruin that forum and rid me of my friends and acquaintances. So now she tries a scare tactic:

The snail saga begins
“Jeni is letting Snail redesign her forum, which means she most likely gave him access to her admin. panel, which means he has access to your profiles (including your e-mail) if you registered there, and even if you never registered, but only visit as a guest, he can probably see your full IP number, which means he could do something malicious to your computer. Can that woman get any more foolhardy?!”


Not quite done yet – now she will encourage others to play her proxy games.


Struck encourages others to play proxy games
“By the way, If you must go view the train wreck, I would suggest you Google for an anonymous web proxy and use that to view. I would list some good ones, but they would ban them and there aren’t many free ones left. PM or e-mail me (mary@]deleted].com) if you want to know what they are.”


But it’s me who is craz-eeeey! (And according to the world of Mad Medusa, a drunk.)


Meds and booze
“Sounds like Jeni to me Someone please take that nut case in for some meds or at least take away the case of Kessler”


Epidemy of Evil
“Aw did I hurt the feelings of jeni? [cry emoticon] that chick has some serious mental health issues [3 crazy emoticons]”

The picture? No clue. Neither gal is me – I don’t frequent bars. But speaking of pictures – the uber creepy side of Struck gets underway now – first, she begins to salivate for a picture of me (later she will find what she determines is one, even later still, she WILL find one – stay tuned because what she does is so outrageous it’s difficult to believe even she could stoop so low).


Send me your pic, Jeni
“Hey Jeni, Send me YOUR pic and I’m sure I could make a better one.”


And…stalking me in “real” life now, too? In the following post she just says “a woman” – but this is going to come back and lo and behold – who will “the woman” be? Of course – ME!


Stalking in day to day life now
“Someone told me they saw Snail and a woman shopping at Walgreens just before Christmas.”


Next, she is ranting at Snail, but this comment is definitely note-worthy!

01-11-2008, “If you don’t want people talking about your PUBLIC forum, then make it PRIVATE and STFU already.”

“DUH Alert

Talking about a public forum is one thing. Personally attacking people, making up complete falsehoods about their lives, their beliefs, and spinning things they say is an entirely different matter.

Now we have to start making fun of my work again…and prove yet again that she cyber stalked the daylights out of me, because this was on a webmaster forum I frequented – had NOTHING to do with Sheboygan, Sheboygan Spirit, my then-friends – in fact, it was under the user name I used for my WORK. The only way she could have found it was to search out my work web site.

01-12-2008, 11:23 PM: “Queen Jeni says- ‘Approximately a year ago, I completed a two year web development course that cost nearly $25,000.00 once all was said and done.’

She should ask for a refund I wish I was the company that took her money and gave her the “cracker-jack” certificate of completion!“

The “company” was Moraine Park Technical College, who awarded me a Technical Diploma, with honors, NOT a “certificate” – and she knows that from her cyber stalking. I had my diploma on my web design site.

But all that aside, what the hell is she doing stalking me in my business now? This will continue on and off as well, leaving me no choice but to pull myself out of public participation and keep my communications with other web developers private, which just made everything more of a pain in the arse.


Down and Dirty

Down and dirty
“Actually, after comparing writing style and punctuation, this latest fascist lunatic rant looks to be from Queen Jeni herself. Someone needs to send the white coats to that house and haul them both away in straight jackets. Jenni/sheeze, whoever the fuck you are…… appears to me that you are the reason abortion is legal…..“


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