Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 044

The Spirit forum is still going in 2008 so its users and their comments have to be attacked, of course.

The then-mayor and some of his cronies had a bug up their collective butts regarding the police using tazers. Locally there had been an on-going debate, as well as an effort by some alder-persons to rid the city of its use of tasers. While this issue was under discussion, there was an event coming up where the former mayor offered to sit in the dunking booth for a turn.

This time we get accusations that I, along with my fellow forum members, are “sadists” wishing pain inflicted on someone, simply because someone told a joke. Here you can see the in-your-face spin that includes unfounded and untrue accusations against an entire group of people- most of whom she didn’t even know the identity of. Heck, I didn’t know the identity of many of the people who came and went – nor did I care. Unlike Medusa, the last thing I care to do is dig around in people’s business. Quite the contrary, I wanted people to feel a sense of privacy and security on the Spirit forum. (The only IPs I traced were Medusa’s proxy produced garbage posts.)

01-04-2008, 09:08 PM: Medusa creates a post and titles it, “Sheboygan spirit sadists wish to see the Mayor in physical pain”.

010408 false accusations
“Woodstock says, ‘Instead of a dunking booth with [deleted] in the tank, let’s have a Tazing booth shooting at [deleted]. Just think of all the revenue we’d take in. The line of people waiting would be miles long. So if [deleted] is truly concerned about fiscal responsibilites, then I think he should volunteer for the good of the city.’ Of course the rest of the spew it gang approves with their typical smilies. And they call this the dark side. Wishing harm upon others is pure evil.”


This came from Medusa stalking the Spirit forum, where someone jokingly said, “”Instead of a dunking booth with [deleted] in the tank, let’s have a Tazing booth… Just think of all the revenue we’d take in.

What may have been funny (were it not so pathetic) was the comment Medusa posted along with her copy and paste routine: “Wishing harm upon others is pure evil.” Medusa embodies everything evil, and spends her perverse days looking for nothing but ways to harm others.

It appears she was getting complaints at this point already, regarding her incessant and obsessive stalking and haranguing of myself and the Spirit forum, because this showed up in the middle of her latest hate-fest:


New section for Spirit bashing!


01-05-2008, 12:38 AM: “Sometime this weekend I’m going to create a separate forum for the Spew-it discussions and that’s the ONLY place the subject will be discussed. Those of you not interested in the subject don’t have to read it. But don’t be going over there complaining about it, either.”


Here is one of the complaints someone posted on the PUBLIC forum of Medusa’s:
Tired of Strucks obsession
(“People” indeed…just ONE person under multiples is more like it – just sayin’.)


Yes, you see, only Medusa can complain – and only Medusa determines what CAN be complained about. And she’s going to keep on keeping on, even if her own remaining site visitors are already sick of her obsession. Her “separate section” was filled with 16 pages of topic listings all bashing yours truly when I copied it.


One lawyer who specializes in Internet defamation told me in no uncertain terms that stating one person is actually another person is against some law. I am not legally savvy so am in no position to determine if that is 100 percent accurate, however it makes sense to me, a repeated victim of this behavior. It seems to me it falls under a sort of identity theft, because you are imposing the statements and ideals of one person onto another, with no permission, no knowledge, no basis for doing so. You are misleading, misrepresenting and perpetuating a falsehood.

But, what do I know.

From 2008 on, Medusa was to do this to me repeatedly. Eventually she just makes the blanket statement that so-and-so “is Jeni”.

If anyone said anything even remotely nice about me, or posted anything even resembling support of me, it just had to be me, you see? I mean after all, NO ONE in the whole world could like, support or have even the slightest connection to yours truly! Curses! No no no…

In Medusa’s skewed brain, apparently I had nothing better to do than sit on the Internet talking about myself and to myself. Trouble with that is, she was – and still is – the one who was and still is engaging that deceptive behavior. I work hard. I love hard. I haven’t time, nor the inclination for nonsense like this.

This habit of hers to say others were me began to ramp up on January 7, 2008 – after all, who in this world would want to talk to or with me?

Every body is Jeni!
“I’m pretty sure Woodstock is Jeni”


Now just sit back and watch – this never ended to date. She determines in her warped mind, that any posts she wishes was done by yours truly are then done by yours truly – a complete, utter, lie.

Furthermore, there is no possible way she could know who made any specific post unless she knows the person and/or the person is registered and she knows who the person is…follow that? LOL Point being, all the the posts she will screech, “THAT IS JENI!” are made anonymously. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Therefore, the truth is, no one REALLY knows for certain who made any anonymous post – but what I can tell you for certain is that all the hundreds (thousands??) of posts I am accused of making WERE. NOT. ME.

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