Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 043

2008 – The Nightmare Intensifies

Sitting at PC wondering what is going onThe threats, the on-going libel and defamation on the Internet came – and continue to come – in the form of forum postings, e-mails and blog entries and other incidents. By the end of this year, I find myself living in a state of chronic anxiety every second of every day of my life. Hardly conducive to my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those rights have been stolen from me by a seemingly mad woman.

It is not normal to have to live this way. I am alone and as such these incidents are all the more terrifying. For starters, I have been harassed, approached for degrading sex, robbed, mocked and ridiculed. I have been forced to live like this for too long.

I must always be vigilant. I dare not answer my door if I am not certain who is out there. I have changed phone numbers so many times I no longer could tell you which one I currently am using. I’ve moved repeatedly but now-a-days you can’t even have a private Internet account – they stick your name, address and telephone number all over both print and online listings. A dangerous practice that adds to the nightmare.

My hard-earned abilities as a Web Developer have been mocked, made fun of, put down, clients harassed and boldly and deliberately defamed online to undermine and destroy my work.

Forums I participated in for work and personal reasons have been harassed and postings I’ve made copied and repeatedly pasted elsewhere and spun way out of context in an attempt to discredit, demean, belittle, hurt me and harm my reputation and my career.

How, pray tell, does one work as a self employed business person, when forced to live under all of these circumstances?

Achieving my diploma with high honors at this stage of my life took me years of hard studying and incredibly hard work, dedication and effort. It meant every thing to me, humble as it may be.

This entire issue has made it all in vain. I think you will understand more if you follow along this ugly, “twisted trail of slime“.

PS. Please note that things get R-rated with Medusa and I’m not editing that out. It shows the nature of her immoral mentality.

The Nasties Begin

As this years cyber hell begins (right on the 1st day of the year, too!), it is said I have a “dealer”. I wish I knew who it was so I could learn just what I’m “dealing” in – with? Just for the record, there is, of course, no dealer – nor was there an “investigation” at my home. I awoke one winter morning and upon opening my patio door curtain, which led to my deck and back yard, I saw fairly fresh, large foot prints in the snow. Someone had been stalking around my home during the night. I told an acquaintance who later came over and took pictures. He then posted about it on his own blog – and right behind him was Medusa in her stalking madness.

The “dealer” comment was made under one of Struck’s “anonymous” names – “Unregistered Abuser”. Quite fitting, I’ll give her that.

The dealer comment
Why does Snail have pictures and details of an investigation at Jeni’s house? Duh, he is her Super Hero. Or dealer…


Why? Why would anyone say something so outlandish, with no basis for it, if not for nothing more than malicious intent?

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