Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 041

It’s a Mole

Now we suddenly have a “Mole” – a name, based on the nature, topics and language, that appears to be yet another of the very many she used over the years – who gets in pot shots tossing out my former married name in the mix (which I deleted in consideration of my ex-husbands privacy):

12-09-2007, 11:04 PM: “M . . . that’s just how Jennifer [deleted] Reisinger operates. If she can’t dig up real dirt on you she’ll just lie through her fangs. Will interesting to see what the snake and the snail dig up. Just follow the two twisted trails of slime.

WinkNow you see where the “twisted trail of slime” originated.

But since it was posted in a PUBLIC forum…

For the PUBLIC to view…

I see no issue using it…


Anyway, that little “mole” post above sets up Medusa for the following (and people might ask why I’m so certain that was her???)

Mary the Mole
“Mole, you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know. What do you expect from someone who commits credit card fraud? Someone willing to commit fraud in one area is likely to commit fraud in other areas.”

Now check this one out – same day, just a few hours later:
Right Struck, right. If only you could tell the truth just once.
“Frankly, I’m getting as sick of seeing her name as I am of reading her spew. I think I’ll find a new hobby.”



That agoraphobia comment – I had been featured in an article by Prevention magazine. It is no longer online, but was back in 2007. In her insane stalking, she found that article, which I hadn’t even known was online, and made a post about me being an agoraphobic. The truth is, that 30 years ago I went through a nasty divorce and for 2 years had difficulty leaving my home. I had been diagnosed with agoraphobia during that time. This was referenced in the story Prevention did on yours truly.

But I got over it. End of story.

Now if she would only get over her obsession of me!

She did redirect it for one day, though! She turned her craziness and lies onto my mom. Medusa tells an outrageous, bold-faced lie that nearly did my mother in. Keep in mind, my mom is not from people who just lie like this and think nothing of it. It truly shocked my mom that someone would so shamelessly just make up such an outrageous story – and my mom said as much in the Spirit forum. She – my mom – said:

Mary has lied about ME …when she said a while back that I accused [deleted] of posting the controversial flag picture. I did not accuse him of that. I only wondered if he did that, so I asked.

So Medusa takes that comment and says my mom emailed her! First of all, my mom never had an email address of “mystery lover” and secondly, no way would she bother to email Medusa! Furthermore, she doesn’t talk like the verbiage in the supposed email that no one ever saw an actual hard copy of, much less headers to trace. No one I knew would after “THE PICTURE” debacle. Medusa must have gotten the name mystery lover from a former moniker my mom used before she switched to using her own name. The rest of Medusa’s story is either pure made up bull pucky, or a very wild coincidence. I’ll choose bull pucky.

Here is Struck’s rant:

The big picture email lie

12-10-2007, 03:14 PM – “Now we know where Jeni gets her lying from “Does this sound like she was “just asking”? From “mystery lover’s” e-mail:”

‘Mary, I noticed in the forum everyone is bonkers over that stupid picture. I know where it came from and it’s none other than our very own [deleted], if that’s what everyone is itching to know. Look in his photo album in the recall forum… The little chit took down the Mexican one, but it was there. He’s just playing his usual dirty games again and I don’t know why Jeni doesn’t ban his butt! I don’t even know if she’s aware of this, to be honest.’

“These people are so shameless and pathetic it’s getting embarrassing to even read their pathological ramblings over there (not to mention a waste of time).

That took some imagination, I’ll say that much. The young man Medusa attempted to drag into her shenanigans was, at the time, just a teenager and had nothing to do with any of this. He was just a scapegoat for the sociopath.

My mom, in her mid-70s at the time, another casualty in the “let’s get Jeni” game this whacked woman won’t quit playing.

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