Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 040

Well, I guess I moved now – ‘cuz after all, only Medusa knows ALL, so if she says it, it MUST be true (in her delusional mind).

12-08-2007, 10:08 AM: “…she lists a city address. I think that’s the ground Kohler address.”

Ground Kohler – Mental Ward of the hospital.

So why do this? Because Medusa is going to try REAL hard for years to make the world believe I’m “crazy”. First, she’ll start by inferring that I post under ALL the names on the Spirit forum. That is, of course, not true – it is what she did on her forum. But she always takes her crazy actions and tries to turn them onto yours truly. Go figure.

Here’s a screen shot where I cut out comments only because they truly were by other people who I don’t want to drag into this. What I’m showing here is how Struck begins what is to become a bad habit of stating that I am all these other people. Since she knew that my mom was a “real other person”, she included my mom. She was trying to make it look as if my and my mother sat on Spirit posting under I don’t know how many different user names – like she did. A-hem.

Everybody is Jeni 1


And she says we need a “crash course” in telling the truth. Good grief! I could ALMOST laugh at that, were it not so pathetic.

Now she’ll set that aside to go on yet another rant. Remember crazylife? Out of the blue, more ranting and raving denial that she posted as “Snail” – “me thinks thou protesteth too much“:

No she was not Snail!
“BTW, ‘Snoopy.’ No I’m not the ‘Snail’ who spammed Jeni’s forum with links to her CCAP record. Apology accepted. Although one of the links to one of my sites she posted in her smear campaign does now point to her CCAP record. It was the least I could do”


No she didn't post as Snail!
“No I didn’t spam her forum as ‘Snail’ What a loser!”


That was really an odd one because she started a topic for reasons known only to her, titled it, “If you read Jeni’s loser forum . . .” and proceeded with that post above. Note the date and time: 12-09-2007, 01:26 PM.  Same day, a few minutes later (12-09-2007, 01:32 PM) she posts in response to herself again:

Says she...
“Oh, and Jeni. Go ahead and report me to authorities so I can have you nailed for publicly making false accusations. Of course I would have to wait at the back of a very long line.”

In five minutes she convinced herself I was “reporting to authorities”??? Whoa – weird. I think that “long line” of hers is her and all HER multiples…hey, just sayin’!
No one is responding, so out comes alter-ego “Otto” (remember, Struck/Medusa also posts as Otto).
Struck as Otto again
“I still think they shouldn’d allow those delusional nut bin residents to have computers.”

This next one is rich – the only link the crazy woman ever post for any kind of proof of anything whatsoever, was the link to my CCAP record. Now she finds ONE link to post – a link of Snail’s, who’s site is no longer active, at least not as of this post, but I have reason to believe it will be again – and claims, after foul-mouthed name calling…
She finally links!
“Scroll down to “homeless again” and click on “December” (Unlike that lying piece of excrement Jeni, I actually back my info. with proof).”


So one link and she’s a bastion of “truth”!!!

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