Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 039

At the time of my homeless post, I had been in contact with a young man who was homeless in Sheboygan. He went by the name of “Snail” online. (Thus the previous post in his name). He shared his situation with me and I had then done some research on the homeless issue in Sheboygan, which was quite eye-opening. My resources were rock solid. As this young man and I shared email, I began to feel for his him and decided I’d meet with him in a restaurant and buy him a nice, hot meal.

Looking back, I can see that what I did was risky and reckless. Problem with me is, I was always far too trusting – but believe me, those days are gone now.

We set up a day and time and he met me at the restaurant. We had an enjoyable conversation during which he showed me some of his computer graphic work. It was quite good – I was very impressed. I also enjoyed having someone to engage in geek speak with. Eventually I felt comfortable enough to bring him into my home and we became friends.

I let him use my internet and my laptop while I worked on my desktop. It was fun to have another computer “geek” around. He shared things with me, and I shared things with him. He was good in areas I wasn’t and vice-verse. It was innocent and frankly, no one’s business.

“Snail” then joined the forum and look out … Medusa couldn’t help but jump on that and make up all kinds of nasty things to say. After all, NO ONE must befriend “Jeni”!

The first thing she did was create a new post and title it, “Jeni’s new ‘homeless’ buddy wants Bush and his supporters executed”.

Whoa. Where I come from, that’s a pretty serious allegation you just don’t make lightly. But for her an outrageous lie is perfectly fine in her attempts to get someones – anyone’s – attention.

Another outrageous Struck lie
“Jeni’s new homeless buddy thinks government officials (like [deleted] and [deleted]) should be executed.

Here is what “Snail” actually said:


“Then we come to the city officials who failed in their duties. The American Constitution says the only legal cause to shoot a person is to remove a corrupt government official who won’t step down. Shitboygan abounds with such people and perhaps a public execution would serve to warn others of the seriousness of taking office. I don’t condone murder, but a timely spot of execution for a good cause is not such a bad thing.”


She knew that because she copied and pasted it from his blog into the same post referenced in the above screen shot. I didn’t screen shot the entire post because she has names and sites cited that have nothing to do with all of this. Since she makes up most of what she posts, I have no reason to believe anything she said about other sites and people are true, and I won’t go around repeating unproven gossip.
Having said all that, please take note of the very important part of Snail’s comments – “I don’t condone murder…“.
Also please note how I have absolutely nothing to do with his comments whatsoever.
But in the mad, mad mind of Medusa, her posting this, in this heinous fashion, is supposed to get a message out that ‘ol Jeni supports and WANTS executions.
Shocked man


She gets crazier. No one is responding to this – she just responds “to herself” (I know, makes no sense, but nothing she does or says makes a whole lot of sense). Here’s the rest of her big news flash that me and Snail want people “executed”. Note how this next post is only 10 minutes after the post referenced above, where she started this asinine topic.

Struck conversing with herself
“I also saw him post somewhere that he wouldn’t have blamed Sheboyganites whose houses were removed to make way for Landmark Square if they started the fire. Remember the Press reporting that there might’ve been a homeless person sleeping in Landmark Square when it burned?”

That was nasty. She’s implying he started a fire that was a horror in Sheboygan. My stars… But she’s just getting warmed up.
Crazy Mary still talking to herself
“So, let’s see . . . First you have ‘Sheboygan’ (who may be a school board member) posting on Jeni’s Sheboygan Spirit that it’s too bad a van full of explosives didn’t blow up in front of the mayor’s house to scare him out of town, and Jeni doesn’t bat an eyelash until someone posts it here (but she bans people for using the word ‘children’+). Then, you have this ‘homeless’ dude (who has a Jeni Reisinger link), suggesting Sheboygan officials as well as the President of the United States need to be EXECUTED!”

If you’re thinking none of that makes any sense, you’re spot on – it didn’t then, doesn’t now, never will. It’s all

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