Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 038

Let’s Map Her!

Now it’s time to start dropping hints as to where I live. I had made a post about the homeless in Sheboygan on my blog. That had to be mocked, made fun of and ridiculed, too – along with the plight of the homeless. There will be more on my home address later. The homeless issue upset the homeless man I was assisting and he pretty much took over that matter, but that’s another story.

Lets Map Her!
“She could give a hoot about the homeless, as she’s comfortably housed over on Settlement Trail. Wasn’t she supposedly dating the homeless guy?”


  • She knows I’m getting death threats.
  • She knows I had to have security installed on my home.
  • She “anonymously” mentions the street I lived on.
  • She claims to know I’m “dating” the “homeless guy”.

And just what purpose was this supposed to serve? To lie about someone I was trying to help, and an attempt to terrorize me, that’s what. Evil is as evil does.

Now more identity fraud – or perhaps we should all really believe Alannis Morrissette made this post on Medusa’s forum?? A complete copy and paste (can we say copyright infringement?) job of the post I made on my Shenanigans blog. Click on it for a larger view if you care to read – I’m not going to copy all that text into this post.

Alannis Morrissette Post
Alannis Morrissette Post

I’m so flattered that Alannis Morrissette saw fit to find my blog, then bothered to copy and paste it on Medusa’s forum. A public “thank you” to someone who I never would have imagined would show such an interest in little ‘ol me…

And of course, the next mention of the street I live on is done by the “mysterious” anonymous poster. These are the first two mentions that refer to my private residence. Much more is to come.

Another anonymous post
“Hasn’t she heard of the Salvation Army – who’s primary purpose is to provide shelter for the homeless????? Guess that what comes from sitting on Settlement Trail refusing to see the world as it really is. I suppose it’s easier for her to spew her crap on the computer rather than get involved and take supportive action.”


I just want to interject here – this horrible woman, in reality, knows absolutely nothing about me, my personal life, my family, nothing. We’ve never talked, nor met. She just picked me out as her play thing. That’s sick in itself. But she wouldn’t have a clue what I’ve done in my life to help the poor and/or less fortunate. In fact, I was very, very poor for 15 years myself. It is a topic of grave and deep concern for me – not a thing to joke about by any stretch.

Medusa played another one of her deceptive games with this nonsense. She started a topic on her forum titled, “Jeni’s Exposed as a Fake!!”, called herself “The Answer Man” in an anonymous post and said the following:

A friend sent me the page Where Jeni Posted at her “Shenninigan’s blog about all the Poor and homeless in Sheboygan and what can be done about this big problem right here in Sheboygan? here’s the link

My Friend posted comment this to her story

“Jeni, If you Are Truly concerned why not take all the money you are getting in response to your web ads and Links for Donations and donate them to the homeless. I know you never started getting involved for Personal Profit, so why not help out a cause you really care about.”

Guess What.. Jeni has not allowed the post to be on the Site!! Even though the timestamp shows she has moderated other comments that were made after this comment!!!! Guess she’s really not that concerned about the Homeless in Sheboygan! Jeni’s not really that concerned about the homeless??

First of all, I didn’t have time to sit on my blog all day and monitor her shenanigans – I work hard during the day and would check the blog when time permitted. It took a while that day, I guess, because I just wasn’t fast enough for her. I guess I posted it when I saw it because after I did, this strange female I refer to as Medusa makes mention of that AND LAYS CLAIM TO HER BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR ME LETTING THE POST GO THROUGH! (Oops, don’t mean to shout).

Answer man post
“‘Answer MAN’ I see she put your friend’s post up and answered it. I’m sure her finally putting up that comment had absolutely nothing to do with you posting a complaint on this ‘vile’ forum that she never visits.”


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