Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 037


That is going to turn out to be yet another “user name” the phoney Medusa was posting under. Follow along…
11-21-2007, 04:11 PM, this post shows up:

“Where do you see m ‘representing’ the village of Kohler in any form on this site? As I understand, m was anonymous until Jeni invaded her privacy and revealed her identity because she mistook another blog poster as being m. Then Jeni further attempted to invade m’s privacy by posting IP numbers on said blog. Maybe Jeni needs to get her facts straight before invading a citizen’s privacy.”

WOW. Now that’s some serious fabricating, but what else is new. Just for a reminder or information, the “outing” she’s referring to and the IP number business, all had to do with her shenanigans under the name “crazylife”. See Book Bit 030 for more on that.
12-11-2007, another post by “Huh?”:
“Maybe he didn’t want to get photographed by someone with a camera and photoshop. LOL.”


Now, fast forward to summer of 2008, where I get a couple blog-post attempts in my queue by non other than a “Huh?”.
Huh on Blog
Later that same morning…

Struck admits she is Huh
“By the way, just as I predicted, Jeni deleted my comments from her blog accusing her of lodging false accusations again. I also posted that she will never retract or correct her false accusations. Her deceitfulness is astonishing. Her motto is ‘No worries. I will never back down.’ Yeah, we know.”

Please do keep in mind the important fact that I never bothered this screwed up person. In the Spirit forum we never discussed her. I made the one post telling everyone who she was and for me, that was the end of it…for her a “new beginning”, I guess.
Part of my ignoring the ignorant was deleting those trolling, nonsense posts from my blog, like those above. Of course I deleted them – I could always tell when it was her by the tone, the topics, the name calling, personal attacks, filthy language and harassing overtones. No one else did that.
Maybe it’s just me, but I simply cannot understand what a person gets out of behaving this way – especially a fully grown, supposed-to-be mature adult with kids and a household to run. Go figure.
Go figure this next insinuation.
Assassination accusation
“November 22 was the anniversary of the JFK assination. Maybe he thinks Jeni is taking her issues to the next level?”

Speaks for itself, “En-so”?

Naw, she doesn’t stalk me – never!

Just follows a blog I frequented EVERY DAY, then sees herself as the “reporter” on my latest – irrelevant – comments on said blog…

Obvious cyber stalking
“Well there goes ding-dong Jeni posting on Badger Blogger.”


(Well, excuse me!)  

I highly doubt anyone else cared.

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