Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 035

After ALL that deception, and a  complete, public, admitted blackmail attempt, Medusa has the gall to post this:

3 libels in one post!
“Short of filing a defamation suit, does anyone know if there’s a way we can have an investigation into Jeni’s false accusations toward me, and get both her and me under oath? There’s no other way this loon is going to quit. I KNOW there are others of you out there who’ve been the victims of her pathological false accusations.”

Note, three lies/defamatory comments against me in one post:

  1. false accusations
  2. loon
  3. PATHOLOGICAL false accusations

And it’s me she wants an “investigation” into. For what???
Just the day before posting this, she apparently had been told by some that she obviously had a “personal hang-up”  (which she did- and still does) because she spit out this retort:


Already knows she is annoying people
“I’ve tried every which way to sign in and I’m still blocked. You all just look stupid trying to make it look like this is some personal hangup I have.”


But the insults must get nastier – and not just for me, but for a “clan” and a “cabal” of mine that Medusa conjured up in her mad mind:


Now I have a clan
“Jeni and her clan are a cabal of mentally ill, hate-mongering control freaks who are obsessed with destroying people they think are part of their imaginary conspiracy.”

So now we add to the libelous, defamatory insults:

  • mentally ill
  • hate mongering
  • control freak
  • obsessed with destroying people
  • engaging in “imaginary conspiracies”

Note, her comments are stated as absolute fact – not opinion. And isn’t she the legal guru know-it-all who posted instructions about pulling this kind of garbage? Let’s take a look – oh yes, yes she is! As seen in Book Bit 018:
“You can openly disagree, you can’t defame. If you say, ‘The mayor is a felon in my opinion,’ that’s not libelous because you make it clear it’s your opinion. If you say, ‘I know for a fact the mayor is a felon,” you had better be right because if you’re not, that’s considered libelous.”
So from her own declarations, she is most certainly guilty of libel.
But!  Everyone ELSE looks stupid – not her. EVERYONE ELSE is all the above things because we agreed on some things going on in the city. But no no no…MUST NOT AGREE WITH JENI! ONLY MARY STRUCK!

‘Cuz she’s “important”.


She thinks she is important. Oy vay.
“But I’m important too.”

This next post is very telling regarding her mindset. For the record, I need it to be clear throughout all of this that there was not, nor is now, a “brawl” between this wretched Medusa and myself. Upon learning of her true character very early in 2006, I do not nor have I ever wanted ANYTHING to do with her. It’s her who will not stop injecting herself into my life and my business. Later, I do “react” via some web pages, which I’ll post, but at this point, I was trying to pretend she didn’t exist – SHE made it impossible to accomplish that goal.
Struck thinks she created a brawl
“You want to know about the brawl between Jeni and me. (big grin emoticon). I rip on Sheboygan Spirit when they post inaccuracies and blatant false accusations. Jeni doesn’t like it so she goes on a war path accusing me of being a [deleted] bot, or a liberal, or a mean spirited person. Then she pulls out her poor victim card and…blah blah.”

I did call her “liberal”. I did and still do call her mean-spirited. Because they’re both just TRUE.

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