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Medusa’s Blackmail: IS ALL MY FAULT!!!

This blackmail insanity of hers isn’t going anywhere, so she gives it to the local Press, who loves to run negative publicity on cops. Most do. So of course, they ran with it.
Crazy emoticon“She be proud now”.

Strucks brouhaha
“Well, the Press called wanting to know more about my ‘outing’ of the [deleted] photo originator so sounds like this is going to be in the Press. I just hope they get everything accurate. Or at least post the URL of this forum so I can correct or clarify. This is what I DIDN’T want because I prefer to be anonymous, but Jeni saw fit to ‘out” me’, and then proceed to post false accusations about me and my husband with the help of her accomplices. She had plenty of opportunities to delete defamatory posts, or at the very least allow me to to reply to them on her forum. But she chose to not only leave the false accusations in place, but to block me from defending myself while her and her henchmen continued with their false accusations. I’m normally not a squealer, but enough is enough… (And don’t worry, the Press didn’t ask about anyone else who posts on here and I didn’t offer any information).”


Interjection from the Peanut Gallery!

First of all, WhoIs “outed” her because she was too incompetent or cheap to make her registration private. If you don’t want to be found, you don’t register without enabling privacy. If she doesn’t know this, what is she doing running a web site? My goodness.
Can’t “defend” herself? Well, IMHO, there simply is no defense for the indefensible, but well… Did she ever hear of email? Telephones? Contact forms?
Gee. What is a woman so inept on the computer doing on the Internet?
Oh well, never mind all that. It’s play time!
She’s so excited…been planning this for the better part of a month, salivating for some attention, acting like a media whore, but now she’s oh-so-flustered at it all! Oh dear…poor thing!

Oh she was SO unprepared!
“Nothing like getting an unexpected phone call asking you questions while you can hear a keyboard pecking away. How do you explain all this in a few sentences? I had Eric Litke send me the quotes he was going to use so I could make sure they were accurate, but still, everything is rush, rush, rush so you don’t have a lot of time to form your thoughts. He asked me if I was sure it was John Winter and I said no. I had no proof of that. I said it’s possible it could’ve been some other family member. Eric said that would be discussed in the article, but wouldn’t elaborate. So I guess we’ll see. I had assumed all this time that Attorney McLean had the Winter e-mails I forwarded 3 weeks ago and the issue was being dealt with. But it sounds like this was all news to the Mayor. Could’ve been a computer glitch or wrong e-mail address. I would HOPE there wasn’t any hanky panky involved…”


Drum Roll…



“To be honest, I didn’t think that photo was that big a deal. I considered it parody on the same level as political cartoons. And I certainly posted enough of my own photoshopped photos skewering politicians. But the thought of Jeni possibly having any kind of ‘in’ with the Police Department is just disturbing and I think it needs to be looked into. (Not that I’m saying she does, but I think it should be looked into).”

Okay, there’s malice and then there’s stupidity. In fact, I would warn people never to assume malice for what stupidity can explain; however, while much of her garbage has been sheer stupidity, THIS IS MALICE! I was getting help from the police department because of the death threats. They were nothing but courteous and professional in lending me that help. As I was in touch with two of them on and off when they checked the equipment, the possibility of doing some web design work came up and I OFFERED MYSELF AS A VOLUNTEER. THAT was my “involvement”. My word, to turn something so innocent like that into something sinister is nothing short of malicious. Make that EVIL.

How Did This End?

Well, the press ran with the story, the officer went through his own nightmare, was “investigated” within the police department and thankfully and rightfully, was exonerated. Story over. No more ammo for Medusa. Of course, that never stopped her – she just kicked her imagination and multiple personalities into high gear. But this wasn’t enough for Struck. Nope. Anyone who had anything to do with me would now PAY A PRICE!
Of course, true to form, she was ALL over the press forums when the article ran, too. I only got a copy of one post someone sent me – I didn’t go there; hated those forums. Here is what I received:
M on Press 12-12-07

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