Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 031

Crazylife Saga Continues…

Another incident on this same day occurred that had to be Medusa. “Crazylife” and another profile with the nickname “Snail” were created on this same day. As “Snail”, a link to my CCAP record was posted 116 times in the Spirit forum during the dead of night.

Gosh, who was so in love with that CCAP record?? Did you guess “Medusa”? Good answer!!!

Here is a shot of a string of the posts – I couldn’t get them all in one screen shot, nor did I care to save such nonsense in HTML – waste of disk space.


Add the “subject matter” to the obsession with my ancient credit card fraud charge and c’mon … who else? But this she devil who fancies herself to be the smartest thing to come along since sliced bread truly isn’t too bright. Check this out – the IP numbers used by “crazylife”:

Struck as Snail Using Proxy IPs

Now, another new member suddenly shows up named “snail”. Note on the bottom right, the two names using the same IP number for shenanigans (shenanigans only ONE person was obsessed with) in the Spirit forum.

Struck as snail and crazylife

The “snail” profile was exactly the same – the “snail” post was made using that IP number, so a track on Snail brought the exact same results as shown above.

Medusa forgot to get another proxy before embarking on her creation of the “snail” profile and the subsequent 116 posts of a link to my CCAP record. Silly girl.

One could argue that I really didn’t know for sure this is her, but that would be quite an insult to just about anyone’s intelligence. In a court of law, without the aid of law enforcement tracing her, perhaps there would be “reasonable doubt”, but anyone can see how obvious this is and how typical of her behavior. And again, there was absolutely no one else – -ever – who harassed me or obsessed on my past, present, or future this way.

No one else was ever determined to obliterate who I truly am and destroy any potential future I may have built for myself.  She had now made it her mission in life to stalk, harass, mock, defame, libel, annoy and play games with me, my life, and anything – or anyone – I was involved with at any level. Allow me to show you an example of her utter deception – panicked trickery just to serve her new mission in life.

Blackmail begins
“The only thing that kept me from outing the person who did that [deleted] photo was I didn’t want my name dragged through the mud (and I didn’t want someone’s career destroyed). But now that Jeni is running my name through the mud anyway, I’m going to forward my info to [deleted]. I think there’s a pretty good chance it will clear [deleted] of this whole linking controversy. Now Jeni is posting IP numbers for all the hackers to see. Sorry [deleted], but that was the last straw. You should’ve told your buddy Jeni to shut her evil yap.”

Just as a side note, the first copy I ever had of this post said the time was 3:38 – here’s the copy:

Strucks original Nov 16 post

Note the time on the above post: 3:38 PM. Now check out the first one – it was altered and when done so, the time showed up as 2:38. There’s a reason for this – she removes one little 2-letter word. Follow along…

Okay, first of all, at 3:18 I posted on Spirit. All I have is a printed-version copy, but here is precisely what I posted (all IP numbers are PROXIES):

My post on 11-16-2007

I included the IP numbers Struck was using to play her dirty games. It only took her 20 minutes to post her “defense” in her own forum.

Proven Trickery and Deceit


Now Jeni is posting my IP numbers for all the hackers to see.” 

That is what Medusa posted ON THE ORIGINAL POST. The suddenly altered version – the first one I posted – REMOVED THE WORD “my”!!! Why? Because I made mention on Spirit that she just proved me right!! Immediately after I posted that, her post was altered. I was watching this one go down because she had been trailing me EVERY WHERE and it was annoying as hell. So instead of just a screen shot of the post, which is what the original post is, I went and saved the whole HTML topic when I saw it altered. What a dirty, rotten, low stunt – and later she’s going to accuse me of doing stuff like this!

Of all the unmitigated gall – and I am supposed to believe what she does is not cyber stalking and harassment? Won’t happen.

Well, as cyber stalkers who think they so coy are apt to do, Medusa became outraged at my “outing”. 😉  So much so, she went on a rant on her forum:

Struck denies being crazy life
“Now Jeni falsely accuses me being a person posting as “crazylife” on Sheboygan Spew-it. This person seems to have some goods on her. First they posted Jeni would have an addition to her CCAP record in the summer. Now they posted, “And in light of recent developments I don’t think we will have to wait until next summer.” Sorry, Jeni. Crazylife ain’t me and I have no idea who they are or what they’re referring to. You’ll have to pick someone else to falsely accuse while you squirm. Sounds like “crazylife” had the ability to dig a little deeper than CCAP. (They posted something about Jeni having multiple hit-and-runs on her record which aren’t on CCAP). Frankly, I’m not that interested in your life to spend money digging into it. Considering there are probably attorneys and investigators monitoring your Sheboygan Spew-it, I would think the last thing you would want to do is continue with your false accusations toward me in your twisted effort to make me a target before your many goons, like you did on Badger blog.”


How I wish the forum had had “attorney’s and investigator’s”, maybe I could have gotten some help with this wacky woman.

OOPS! Nope, check that. I – me – yours truly – am breaking “some laws” because I banned a lying, scheming troll from my forum. I see. I didn’t know it worked that way. My bad.

Uh oh! Did I break the law?
“And by the way, making public false allegations on forums and blogs while blocking the accused from being able to defend themselves may be some sort of legal violation with regard to libel laws as well. I’ll be looking into it.”


Never fear – Struck is looking into it!! And now look who drops in to visit and defend Medusa – and refer to me as having a “criminal background”, too! All for the love of Mary…ain’t that sweet.


Dr Phil visits Struck
“I understand but somebody needs to be a hero here. Obviously with her criminal background it’s not likely to be her. I suggest you invite her out for coffee and try to come to some sort of truths so the two of you can occupy your time doing more constructive activities. “


Witchy-woman’s retort:


Strucks public service
“Don’t think of my reports of Jeni’s false accusations as bickering, think of it as public documentation.”


Now we have some incredulous speculations – some insight into the mind of Mary (ew):


Into the mind of Mary
“I would swear on a stack of Bibles I’m not crazylife. You name how many Bibles you want in the stack and I’ll be there. Oh, and I’ve tried registering on Sheboygan Spew-it so I could defend myself, and it won’t even let me register, so I can’t even post on there if I wanted to. And why hasn’t Jeni banned crazylife anyway? She bans anyone else who remotely disagrees with her. Or is crazylife one of you and you’re just trying to frame me. Hmmmmmm? Maybe Jeni deleted crazylife’s profile and registered under that name so she could post that supposed attachment and make it look like me.”

Coming from a self-professed agnostic (at the least, more leaning toward atheist), swearing on a stack of Bibles is a joke – a mockery.

Well, that was one long twisted “trail of slime”, wasn’t it?! And she’s not done with crazylife yet – going to come back in a year or so.

Have mercy.

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