Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 030

The Crazy Life Saga

This was incredible. You’ll have to follow this rather closely, as I’m first going to show you how I knew Medusa was posting as “crazy life”. This “crazy life” is going to come back in a year or so, so I just want this clear.

In the Spirit forum, a post is made by a proxy poster (hm, who could THAT be!?) going by the name of Crazylife on October 30, 2007, 10:07:52 AM titled “I know some body…”. The post said:

“I know someone who currently lives in the town and wants to move in to the city. The only problem is that they have a bit of a criminal background. They have multiple hit and runs, credit card fraud and are currently in dispute with somebody that they need a restraining order. Should this person move in to the city or would they be better off somewhere else? “

Hm. SO Medusa-like. On 11-02-07, three short days later, who brought up the imagined multiple hit and runs in her own forum? AND the credit card fraud?

Struck as anti jeni

I decided to let the post she put on the Spirit forum sit and respond to it. Here’s my response:

Title: Re: I know somebody
Post by: Jeni on October 30, 2007, 07:52:42 PM
Well, let’s see crazy life, was the credit card fraud about 14 or 15 years ago? And a restraining order? Hm…usually people get those when someone is harassing THEM — hardly their fault, so I don’t know why that is even an issue. Do you know the WHOLE story behind these minor incidents in this person’s life, or could you possibly be trying to paint someone you just don’t like in a bad light? Gosh, if that’s the worst of this person’s life, and this person is that open about his/her mistakes that he/she doesn’t mind talking about them and fessing up to them, I’d say bring ’em on into the city!

Also note, when incidents as you mentioned are very old and never occurred again, it’s a pretty sure bet the person learned their lessons and worked hard never to repeat them. That takes a pretty upstanding person I’d welcome into the community. They’d be an asset, especially if he/she can and does pay the high taxes the city and state demands from hard, honest work, and more so, is very grateful for the bad times that taught him/her important lessons he/she will never forget.

All these factors keep him/her humble enough to always remember what it’s like to be down and out and in need so as never to forget the less fortunate in life — as you have.

Ms. Crazy had no response to this but did do one more hit and run comment under this topic:

Post by: Crazylife on November 15, 2007, 10:25:15 AM – Looks like there will be something to add to the list come next summer. Stay tuned.”

Nothing ever happened “come next summer” – except death threats on my property and her continued libel, defamation, harassment and evil antics toward anyone I dealt with.

Here is the profile for crazy life and the various proxy IP numbers she’d been using to post, which were in keeping with all her previous hit and run ugly posts by proxy (including poor “hap”):

Crazylife Profile

That was enough for me, but better proof yet, was the attachment to the profile:

THE Flag Picture

The Obvious

Why I cannot imagine, but she literally attached that flag photo to the “crazylife” profile. A screen shot of the email sent to HER. I had a copy of the profile with that attached but unfortunately it was on a CD that went bad one me (never use CDs for back up, unless it’s for a 2nd copy)! Yes, many people could have copied the picture but no one else could have copied her personal email. (I blacked out the message because it is totally irrelevant to mad Medusa’s rantings).

Now can anyone really blame me for believing, with absolutely NO doubt whatsoever, that “crazylife”, “hap” and Medusa were most definitely one and the same? Those proxy numbers you see were the same one’s she would use over and over again – as “hap”, as “crazylife” and I don’t know how many other troll posts I just deleted for their stupidity and/or personal attacks on those I associated with.

Also, no one else who participated in the forum saw a need to use proxies. I don’t believe any of them knew how much less had a reason to want to know how.

But I’m supposed to believe that crazy life was not crazy Medusa. Well, I can’t. Because no one else in my entire little world, ever mentioned any of the things she did over and over and over and over again. No one else ever used proxies to post, harass and annoy. No one else I had ever known or even heard of was so uncivilized and so obsessive. No one else in my little world had nothing better to do than beat the drum of hatred and vitriol day in and day out, non-stop. No one else in my little world attacked to destroy like this. No one else in my little world talked as ugly and foul as Medusa, nor did anyone lie so unabashedly like Medusa.

It was her. There is just no doubt.

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