Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 029

A Touch of Humor

Remember Medusa’s all-time favorite, beloved screen shot of my 20 year old (and aging) misdemeanor charges for credit card fraud? You can view it all on the Book Bit 007 entry.

Well, check this out…she is SO very, very proud not to be found on CCAP, which is how she refers to the Wisconsin Criminal Court Access database, by the way.

M was proud
“I bet it pizzed you people off royally that my CCAP record is squeaky clean and you have nothing on me.”


Well, she believes in “karma”  – guess it up and bit her in the butt because soon to follow that high-and-mighty statement, lookie what we find:

Struck on CCAP


Just a little U-banger, but that isn’t the point, which I’m sure most of you “get”. 😉


I know, I know – it’s most likely far more amusing to myself than to the average person, but ah, by now, if you’ve been reading any of this, I should think that perfectly understandable.

And I do so enjoy a good laugh.

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