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An Honorable Mention

During all this time, when things were wild for me, one Sheboygan resident posted in defense of me on a blog where Medusa had stalked and defamed me – this person was just that outraged at the evil one’s behavior she stood up for me – bless her heart. She was also a former victim of Medusa so was one of the few who truly understood what this felt like and what an impact it can have on one’s life in a small city. In addition -and this is important – she truly knew me first-hand as a very dear friend.

The post she made is so very kind I was immeasurably humbled; however, especially note the bold part and give that some thought. It is very serious – and was very real, and very true in our neck of the woods In short, it meant that if you had anything to do with me or my forum, you were going to get harassed – and not just online. This person did, by the way, put her full name to her post. I felt it best to leave it out for the sake of her privacy. She has since withdrawn herself from local goings-on.

November 15th, 2007 at 2:24 pm
Hi All,
“This will be long, but please read through it… I have known Jeni for about a year and a half. A friend told me about her Forum – Sheboygan spirit and said that I would find it ‘refreshing.’ From the first day I went to Sheboygan spirit I found it not only refinishing, but highly informative. I also realized I could post and if others disagreed, the personal attacks did not start, just a discussion of the merits of our points.”

“I share that with you because I had been a regular poster on another local Forum, that had become pretty disgusting. I think I was the only Conservative still posting, so that opened me up to constant Liberal garbage. ‘m’ is the moderator of that Forum and since all of the mayor’s antics started against Jeni, ‘m’ has become relentless toward Jeni. I no longer go to ‘m’s’ Forum, but I have heard what ‘m’ has been posting about Jeni, trying to ‘stir the pot’ and encourage the others on her Forum to come after Jeni. For the life I of me, I am not sure why. Maybe ‘m’ just could not stand that Jeni stood up against [deleted] and has received the out-pouring of support from Bloggers around the Nation. I am sure it bothers ‘m’ that not only did she (‘m’) lose many of us that used to post on her Forum, but now Jeni, who has such a quality Forum, that does not allow the attacks that ‘m’ always allowed, is being praised by the Blog community. I know I have never been able to figure ‘m’ out.”

“My husband died suddenly 8 months ago and obviously I retreated from life for months. During this time, however, Jeni and I became close friends. You know the kind that you can talk to 4 hours one night and not talk to for a month (she understood I was going through extreme emotional times and just accepted this). I can attest to Jeni’s character as someone who is compassionate, loyal, honest and one of the most principled people I have ever known. Jeni has never hidden that she made some bad choices in her past – not many of us have not. She also always told me she considered this a Blessing – since it was her ‘wake-up call.’”

About 2 months ago, I started to occasionally post on Jeni’s Sheboygan spirit Forum. I chose not to go back to ‘m’s’ Forum, since I really did not want to open myself up to what I had experienced in the past – emotionally I just could not handle this. In these two months, I have had my house broken into twice, suspicious vehicles parked near my home that leave when I approach them, had my computer hacked…the list goes on. It’s obvious, someone did not like that I was on Jeni’s Sheboygan spirit Forum as a poster again and wanted to send me the message. Believe it or not, that is how things work in Sheboygan. The problem with these ‘bully tactics,’ is that I have been through the war with this cast of characters. I will not let this thuggery stop me.

“Why do I share all this with you? Reading this thread, it is apparent that some are trying to get you to believe Jeni is not who she is – a wonderful, strong woman, who would not step aside when [deleted] came after her. I really believe he thought he could get away with this and Jeni would just do as he ordered. What a surprise for him, when she did not. I consider it to be an honor to call Jeni my dear friend – God put her in my life when I needed her so much.”

“As strong as Jeni is, I know the support she has received from all of the ‘Blogger World’ has meant so much to her. Please keep the kind words and encouragement coming her way – she deserves it.”

I never got to give her a hug – did say thank you from my heart, of course, but she deserved a big hug for sticking her neck out like this!

Big Hug

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