Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 023

Well now, in spite of the fact that the last thing I would have done is participate in trash talk, or have anything to do with Medusa, “someone” (yes, I suspect her, of course) attempts to make it look as if there is some big “Jeni vs m” battle going on. Frankly, I think that is what the psychotic stalker was hoping for, but gee, what do I know. In any event, without much news to discuss on November 15th, a topic appears on trash talk titled, “M v. Jenni: Battle Royale“.

Why do I believe this next post was done by Struck? Well… Recall “marie” from Book Bit 021, who also spelled my name “Jenni”, who posted on the Press forum obsessed with my credit card fraud misdemeanor, please. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

Here’s the posting that was made by “LOL”:

LOL posting

I think its time that both M and Jenni have it out. I suggest a debate and an “airing out” of differences between the two of them. They obviously have had a growing disdain for each other throughout the last few weeks and it seems to be taking away from the discussions that should be taking place on their respective forums. The discourse of their transgressions have been painful to watch. Jenni says this, M says that, its laughable at best.

First of all, the only one with “differences” was Struck – er, Medusa. Second of all, disdain or not, I simply wanted nothing to do with her and wanted her to shut her lying yap up about me, that’s it. From there I didn’t care one way or another what she did, was, said, whatever. Thirdly, there was no discourse between us! That was so painfully obvious to anyone seeing all this drama created by the cyber stalker it is ALMOST funny.

Well, stupid is as stupid does, so that post is the run of the day for Medusa and her madness. Another odd-ball name shows up that is going to begin showing up frequently for a time – “anywho” and of course, it has to be “Jeni-insulting” or it won’t wash.



“Jeni’s a whack job, it would never work”

Do you doubt this was all conjured up in the mad mind of Medusa? Perhaps this will help convince you:

m makes her appearance as herself
“You mean we haven’t had it out yet?”

Following up her own post – yes, that’s right, no one responded between the above post and the next:

m talking to herself
“Why are some of you trying to be such peacemakers now? Afraid I know too much?”


Hmmm…no one seems to know what to say, so the following morning, it’s time to bring out “Otto” (recall that “m” is also posting as “Otto”):

Another m as Otto post
“I don’t think a battle would work out between m and Jeni. Jeni doesn’t fight fair.”

Good grief. I had no “fight” with anyone, and certainly didn’t want to get into any. I hate fighting…always have.  Furthermore…

How do you “fight fair” when you don’t even know you’re supposed to be in a fight???

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