Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 022

On Nov. 13th, at 10:32 PM (see Book Bit 021 – end of post), someone posted, “Jeni vs m is boring”. Indeed! Even Medusa’s few visitors were tiring of it – but Medusa won’t hear of that. She lays claim to “getting hits”: “This subject gets the most hits from visitors, so I guess there are lots of people who like to read boring stuff.

Every person with a web site wants “hits” – that’s what it is all about, after all, However, to steal someone’s life to accomplish that goal? That’s wrong, in my humble opinion – and based on my long-term experience is very destructive and not at all conducive to civility. But civility – that’s something very foreign to a cyber stalker. For them, using another person’s life for your personal idea of “gain” is just all part of another day…

She gets me hits!
“There must be a lot of obsessed people visiting this forum, because these Sheboygan Spirit threads get way more views than any other topic…”


And now, out of the blue, comes a new alter-ego: Lambshell. The sudden “new member” of Medusa’s has a sense of humor (or something) that I am grateful I don’t understand. Here is what s/he posted – I believe it’s clear enough I don’t have to type it out. It’s too disturbing.



 PuzzledCall me naive, but I don’t get it.

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