Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 020

Map the “hap” Shenanigans

On November 12, 2007, another interesting little incident occurred. Medusa had been posting under the name “hap” for some time, keeping the posts civilized in order to continue butting in and finding out what we were talking about on the Spirit forum – and in hopes of duping me.

How am I so sure it was her? Because she was the only person who used umpteen proxies – constantly – for her hit and run attacks. As previously noted, I had kept a list of her favorite proxy IP numbers and sure enough, our “friend” hap had logged in with almost 2 dozen of them in less than a week’s time. The very same proxy’s Medusa used. So for me, there was no doubt. Without legal proof, I don’t suppose it would hold up, but c’mon – common sense! Besides that, no one else who participated used proxies.

On this date, “hap” had enough of being nice and decided to spit out a racist comment on Spirit. Since the recall picture incident, we didn’t want to “go there”, for understandable reasons. That was easy to figure out so of course Ms. Medusa had to give it a try in hopes of making us actually look “racist”. I don’t recall what was posted but the set up was made even more clear when, after deleting “hap’s” post and banning all her proxies from the forum, the following shows up on Medusa’s hate forum by the proxy-loving “hap”:

The fake hap

“Jeni- Sorry I made you mad with my racism exists remarks. I meant all forums in this area not just yours but it does exist. To throw me off and leave the poster on that I used as an example is a double standard. Please be adult enough to deal with him/her the same way you did with me. I find that poster to be very offensive yet he/she can stay. I have never made any racists remark or even a hint of one. I’m not sure where all those IP addresses came from. It was nothing I planned or tried to do. I have one computer and one connection I’ve been using all along. You made me feel like your the big brother watching my moves. Dialog is the end goal and how it’s done shouldn’t matter.”

“Let’s not over react to things said. We are all entitled to our opinions. Throwing me off is the same as what just happened to you. I was truly not trying to smear you just stating the obvious and trying to be sympathetic to the battle ahead of you. I think because you recently discovered we are opposites on national politics you think I’m against you on all things. That’s not the case. hap”

In  the Spirit forum, where decent people were wondering what was going on, especially those who hadn’t caught the racist post, I posted an explanation and shared the proxy IP numbers “hap” had used.  You see, I was expected to be so stupid I wouldn’t be able to figure out that was her. Then of course, Medusa has a come back, confirming my suspicions:

m responds to her hap identity
“I’d come down on that beyotch for posting all your IP numbers for everyone to see. That’s uncalled for and I’d take her to the woodshed big time. Not everyone has static IP numbers. Some ISP’s have it so numbers keep rotating and clients are assigned different numbers every few days. If she doesn’t know that by now, what the heck is she doing in the Internetz business?”


(She can’t spell Internet, but is wondering what I’m doing in the business? Ohhhkay!)


Amusing Musing

My email address was readily available to anyone who visited any part of the Spirit web site. Anyone who knew anything about me at all – anything true, that is – would have known that last place to post anything to me would be her cesspool. That part actually amused me then – and still does.

You see what she’s doing here? She knows full well that since “THE flag photo“, the last thing we welcomed was racist comments – so she gets herself into the forum – and yes, I allowed the account in spite of the proxy-use to create it, because my tactics were simple: So long as you’re civilized, I didn’t care. Start with the hate, we have another story  – so that is precisely what she builds this up to. Oh – and use it to bash my work, too of course:

Get a bash in on my work!
“She shouldn’t be in the internet business anyway, her website design is pure amateur.”

Yes, I know, that “isn’t her” – how about some swamp land? <sarc>Of course, such a common name, I suppose that COULD be anyone…</sarc>

Well, after that moment of “fun”, we get to the real reason she’s pulling this stunt – more ways she can wrongfully portray me:

The real reason behind this stunt
“The little dictator likes to ‘out’ people for simply disagreeing with her and her minions.”

Medusas deception continues
“I’m really surprised you got ‘banned’, hap. Because I thought you and Jeni fundamentally agree on things. I guess Ms. Dictator’s true colors are showing. If that’s how your ‘friend’ treats you, hap, you are much better off without her. Please don’t take my comment as sarcasm, it’s not meant to be.”


PLEASE REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”

And now of course, we have SUCH a grateful “hap”!

Such a grateful Medusa I mean hap
“Thanks m for letting me address Jeni on your site. I really do appreciate it.”

And those IP numbers referenced above – the ones they mention I posted? Golly, a quick look up proved what I publicly said when I posted them – that they were all proxies.

Honestly! What is a woman like Medusa doing on the internet if she can’t even know something as simple as that?

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