Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 019

Struck: Content Thief

Wow … I was the recipient of an entire “ballad” Medusa created – only she stole one from another blog (The Daily Dollop) that wrote a really cute “ditty”. In her cyber stalking, Medusa immediately finds it:
Stolen ditty

…alters the other person’s creation to suite her sick, warped, made-up creation of me and my life…and runs with it. Following is a screen shot of the beginning – too many names in it to post the rest.


Medusa steals content
“The Ballad of Jeni Reisinger”

Mocking Medusa Takes Madness to the Press

In typical Medusa fashion, an outrageous and incredulous lie is posted on the Press forum, supposedly by “someone else” but how can I not question the validity of that comment?? In any event, she grabbed this despicable diatribe off  the Press forum comments (something she now claims is copyright infringement to engage in – ahem) and got it posted in her dung heap:

Alderman lie
“USMC_98-06 posted this on the Press forum.…”


“I talked with Jeni at Dave’s Who’s Inn, during one of the Recall [deleted] meetings. During the conversation between a few others, she blurts out that Mr. [deleted] is a ‘Dirty (DELETED) that just wants to open Sheboygan, WI to the Mexicans’. I was totally appalled by what she said. I was all for the Recall, but once I heard what people, including Jeni were saying about the Mayor; I was all for him being the Mayor and hopefully we will re-elect him as our Mayor in the future. I also recall at another establishment Ald. [deleted] calling him a ‘dirty Mexican’ why do they hate him so much? I will testify in court that she said this and that Mr. [delted] also have stated this, I have two witnesses in both cases that will also testify about this… I see Slander against the Mayor!?!”


My stars, that was so awful someone called me on the phone to tell me about it. I emailed a reporter at the press who was kind and quick in helping out. They deleted the comment quickly.

For the facts here – firstly, the alderman she is referencing never attended a recall meeting – and over a hundred people can attest to that fact. Secondly, I personally had never spoken to the referenced alderman. Why she-or “whoever” tied him and myself in this defaming libel is beyond me. Thirdly, no one I knew or communicated with ever used such a rotten expression as “dirty Mexican”.  However…Medusa had someone posting under the moniker of “dirty Mexican”.  “Do the math”.


Medusas dirty mexican poster

Now, for the mockery. First, she warms up on her own forum:


The mocking of Jeni begins
“Did you hear Attorney [deleted]’s comment on [deleted]? Poor Jeni just wants this to be over and get on with her life. She’s scared to death and visibly frightened and shaking and having problems sleeping at night. ‘Ooooooh, I’m so scared and frightened…I just want to get on with my life of destroying people’s careers. How is a girl supposed to sleep at night when she has to lie awake doing all this evil plotting. Please help me Attorney [deleted].’ These people are mentally ill, there’s just no other rational explanation.”

Sure to Mary Struck it’s real funny that a woman living alone and receiving death threats, then having her pick up my name to treat as a public game is scared. Never mind a mayor’s harassment and the threat of some “investigation” into merely posting a resource link  – on a business web site. Of course, psychopaths do not feel as normal people do, do they? No, no they don’t. That’s why it is my humble opinion this woman is a certified psychopath and needs to be dealt with POST HASTE. (That one’s for you, Struck, since I know you’re reading every word here). 😉
From the Press forums, where Struck attempted to generate more hatred toward yours truly with her libel, lies and defamation – and used it in attempts to get more traffic to her foolish forum. We call that spamming in web world, but then she cares not a whit about shady shenanigans in her world of “make believe it’s all about me“.

Medusa takes it to the Press 1
“Not to worry, folks. The inhabitants at the asylum are plotting another recall (and discussing how to get rid of [deleted]. Jeni is frightened and visibly shaking and just wants to get on with her life and have all of this end, says Attorney [deleted].”


Next, she continues to make a mockery of my distress by stealing the content posted by the Press and a local radio station, uploading it to her host and posting this drivel on her forum.


Medusa's Mockery
“Get out your hankies and listen to [deleted]’s comments here: Jeni just wants her life to get back to normal so she can move on and live her life in beautiful Sheboygan.”
So, you see, since she can’t get much of an audience, she steals content, uses it for content of her own, and doesn’t let a day go by without incessant “hate-Jeni-bashing”.


She was boldly, openly and deliberately attempting to create dislike, disdain and outright hatred toward me from those who did not know me.

And still is. Because in the mad world of Medusa:


Medusas says this is just what we do
“Sheboygan Spirit makes for good cannon fodder. What’s wrong with me countering their daily propaganda? How is that ‘bitterness’? Besides, this is what message boards and blogs do: skewer each other (along with politicians and media).”

Hm. I was brought up in a sheltered existence, I guess, because in my little spot on this earth we were taught to treat one another with kindness and respect, understanding and forgiveness. I thought her type of behavior was far more typical of 2nd graders who had yet to learn, not grown adults…foolish, foolish me…

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