Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 017

In Book Bit 016 I referenced a comment where Medusa, talking about another blogger, states, “Or maybe he’s Jeni’s shrink“. She doesn’t say “Maybe Jeni has a shrink and he’s it...” or something to that effect. No, she posts as if it’s a given fact that I have a “shrink”.

Victim of a LiarI have never had a “shrink” in my life. The woman and I have never met – she knows absolutely nothing about me whatsoever. How dare she? But you see, the stage must be set to make the world think I’m “crazy”, so truth matters not a whit to this wicked witch. I’ve been told, “truth is an absolute defense“, yet a situation such as this one, created by a sociopath, allows no truth to be known, only lies. Seems to me there’s something seriously wrong with this behavior.

Note also, how the person who stood up for me is suddenly a “person of interest” to Medusa. So much so, 7 years later she still stalks him from time to time, posting, mocking and verbally abusing him. She also takes great pleasure in his misfortunes. That’s pure evil. He has no idea she is doing this.

In any event, you see, defending me cannot be done. As soon as Peter posted in support of me, she dug in her claws and began harassing him. And still stalks him. Can we say major creep factor, at the very least?

Recall her threat to Peter: “Oh, and I got banned. Boo hoo. Must have been my threat that I would post all over the other blogs that ‘Peter’ is a Log Cabin Republican

(I was so naive I had no clue what “Log Cabin” meant. It was to be years before I found out. Roll Eyes)

At this point I would like to point out that Medusa makes everything sound like a political battle between right and left, liberal and conservative. Truth is,if I had to define myself I would say I’m a conservative. But overall, for more than a decade now I’ve been completely disgusted in politicians from both sides of the fence AND those sitting on the fence. I stay on top of the news, try to be informed so as to make informed votes, but was never “rabid” about either side.

In the grand scheme of things, I find the whole hate-thing going on between liberals and conservatives quite distasteful. I am now to the point I can’t stand any of it because I hate all the “hating”.  It distresses me greatly to see the way people treat each other.

But I am veering off course. Back to mad Medusa. It’s anti-Christian time again.

Struck mocking Christianity
“But Jesus loves them, yes he do. Jesus loves them but he can’t stand YOU!”

Where did that come from? I have no clue.

So…this outrageous female forces herself into my world and my life in every way imaginable. She injected herself as a self-proclaimed expert on yours truly and on Sheboygan, in attempts to get attention – let’s just say by this point I had no doubt left that this woman was totally out of control. And full of unwanted surprises…

Drum roll, please…

The queen of hypocrisy shoots off a dandy:

Queen of Hypocrisy
“This is why I encouraged Jeni and her bunch to start their own forum. I knew it would come to this eventually and I wanted no part of it.”





My head hurts.

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