Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 015

The Anti-Christian Medusa

I am a Christian and stand by that and will say as much should the subject arise – as it had in the Spirit forum many a time. Most of us who participated regularly were of the Christian faith so it seemed quite natural to share this common bond.

My mom was also a frequent poster on Spirit, feeling no need to hide her identity, so it was no secret we shared a deep Christian faith. For a she-devil like Medusa, this was just one more thing to make fun of. Medusa, on several occasions in her own forum, had expressed her disdain for the Christian faith. Not surprising, based on her actions and her vitriol. But yes, her right – I get that.

Also note that from this point on, it was no secret that Medusa knew full-well I am a Christian thereby making her mockery quite personal to myself and my mother. Some have suggested to me that this could be considered in the realm of a “hate crime”, but while I don’t know enough about those laws to make any assessment, when one or two nonsense comments begin to turn into an all-out hate fest, it sure begins to feel that way. Recall this quote from Medusa’s gossip filled “time line” in Book Bit 014:

Jeni and her Bible quoting mother go after [deleted] on Sheboygan Spirit with all kinds of accusations and conspiracies about him because he was a eeeeevil Mason.”

Just for the record, no one ever said Mason’s were/are “evil”. That was just another one of witchy-woman’s made up, bold-faced LIES. There was a conversation about Mason’s on the Spirit forum, which I still have an entire copy of, and not once is the word “evil” even mentioned. The conversation got into a debate regarding an oath the Mason’s take that some churches disapprove of.
Victim of a Liar
Back on topic…

In addition, splattered here and there from this point on, you will see Medusa mocking the Christian faith. I include her comments, but please understand I was as offended by them as any Christian should/would be and mean no offense to anyone by including her ill-conceived notions of Christianity. We supposedly have religious freedom in this country, but in Medusa’s mad mindset, it’s just another mark against me.

For her first assault on my religious freedom, she mentions another web site and says, “it must be run by Spirit”. Senseless. It was another blog, by someone in another city. Because after allowing her many chances to stop her badgering and harassment, the blogger banned her – and this is something she was salivating over in attempts to make people believe that I banned “anyone who disagreed with me”. Of course, that’s a total lie, which I will show as we go; however, it sets the stage for more of these shenanigans, as well. Carrying on…

Here’s a copy of her post:

Scripture quote from Mad Medusa
“Sheboygan Spirit must run the ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ blog, too. Look at what these clowns wrote. They just can’t stop lying and lying and distorting the truth (or maybe they’re just that stupid). Wonder if Jeni’s mother ever read her that scripture about the truth not being in them.”


After leaving many nasty personal attacks against yours truly on the Texas Hold ‘Em blog (FYI: blog no longer exists), the blogger behind the blog banned Struck (Struck also posted under the name “Otto” – more on that later).  After a posting-deleting marathon, the blogger posted the following:


The entire thread is comprised of two lefties, a pair of mindless chimpanzees who clearly have sold their souls to the Devil (read: [deleted]) and are all in favor of silencing anyone who disagrees with them. Say ‘Seig Heil!’ to the nice people. This is a mean-spirited personal attack from people who operate on behalf of the corrupt crony crowd that runs Sheboygan. Bullies operate this way, attempting to intimidate others. But deep down bullies are really cowards. Two posters here operating under the shroud of anonymity, which as we posted about here, has led to the increasing amount of nastiness on the Internet.

He then contacted me through my blog to let me know what the she-devil was up to, the lies she was “spewing” and his shock at her behavior.

Now I would imagine people wonder, “C’mon, Jeni, you had to be doing something to this woman to make her so rabid…“. NO! Truly and so honestly, NO. I had no inclination, desire, or even time for that matter, to deal with her at any level, to any degree. This is ALL her – her hate, her lies, her spin, her manifestations, her never-ending insanity.


And, to prove my point that both myself and the people who posted on Spirit didn’t bother her:

Spirit does not engage in retribution
I have a theory. Have thought about this for some time. The spirit gang knows we watch their site. And, honestly, I’ve wondered why there has been no retribution from them when we make fun of them. They are far too wrapped up in getting the last word in to let things go. So, I’ve been wondering if they have moved their posts to another site, so we wouldn’t find them. Maybe this is that site. Or, scarier still, there are MORE LIKE THEM out there!

Medusa just couldn’t stand it that she was not a topic of interest. And she who thinks she knows all, again tries to claim ownership of something she had nothing to do with:
Struck thinks she can run interference
“They post there because they know they’ll be seen by Milwaukee. That’s why I ran interference and posted there too.”

Now I don’t know about you, but this “I ran interference” business – doing so by following me to blogs I frequented – is beginning to look like some serious cyber stalking at this point. Following comments, reading blogs, etc., that’s all well and good. But “running interference”? Writing “time lines”? And following me everywhere I posted and slamming me with defamatory comments – only on topics I participated in? On a blog she had never had interest in prior? On a matter she had absolutely NOTHING to do with?
I may be a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

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