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Mad Medusa and Her “Time Line”

The next thing the morbid Medusa did was post a “time-line” she created in her mind, as she saw it, of events that occurred in the city that supposedly led up to the situation I was facing. It was as skewed as she is, and utterly ridiculous. The point is, all of a sudden she is portraying herself as a self-proclaimed expert on the goings-on in my life. I was flummoxed.  (At the end of this post, I will post a screen shot of the beginning of this ridiculous “time line”, along with the complete text, but be warned, there are a lot of [deleted]’s because the woman has no respect for the privacy of others. I had to remove a LOT of names.

Doh!Medusa covered her arse by adding, “The timeline might not be exactly right.” No kidding, Struck. NO kidding. Gossip and spin are never “exactly right”. The point is, all of a sudden she is portraying herself as a self-proclaimed expert on the goings-on in my life. A woman who knows me NOT – not in the least. Not by any stretch. I was flummoxed when a copy of this big “time line” arrived in my inbox via someone who “cared”. I was asked to “do something” about it – but what could I do? I told this person just that – and never heard from him again.

The “causalities” were beginning to pile up to an uncomfortable level. I’m not one to force or persuade people to do anything they don’t want to do, including being in my life. I can be alone just as well as I can have a multitude of friends – but what was happening here was at no fault of my own and totally out of control. Worst of all, she was angering many good people who would just as soon walk away from it all rather than contribute to the gossiping libel and defamation. It was exasperation but more so, the fact that they did not want her to start on them. Who would???

The thing that troubled me regarding the prevalent attitude of those involved, was that pulling together and sticking together is the only way to accomplish anything. Running away never accomplishes a thing. That’s what this bunch did – never understood their timorous behavior, but so be it. Perhaps they didn’t care as much as I’d believed, I really don’t know and it’s ancient history now. But I do believe one of my favorite quotes:

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

Recall I mentioned in Book Bit 012 that people were removing themselves from all this drama? In fact, take a look at this post from someone – note how now people are starting to defend themselves as “not a spirit person” because they know she’ll go off into a hateful, vindictive verbal tirade – possibly dropping a name or the name of someone you know if she decides to create an identity for you! (More on her “identity creations” to come). You can click on the image to see a larger copy, or read the caption for its content.

11-02-07 post claiming not a spirit person
Jenny believes passionately about Sheboygan and doing right for Sheboygan, there is nothing wrong with that, and she has data to back up everything that she has posted. Thank God someone is willing to stand up for what is right in Sheboygan! Go Jenny!! (and no, I am not a sheboygan spirit person, because I know that is going to be the first thing out of your mouth!!)

The Insufferable Gossip Filled “Time Line”

I’m just going to post this timeline as a separate thread.

Since I posted comments on a couple of the blogs with a link to this forum, there are bound to be visitors from those blogs. So here’s a little rehash of the whole Sheboygan Spirit fiasco. The timeline might not be exactly right. Feel free to post corrections or additions.

I started this forum in 2004.

Around that time, [deleted] was running for mayor with promises that he would save Sheridan Park from being replaced by the new police station.

Anti-[deleted] people accuse him of trying to screw the police department out of a new building.

[deleted] backed [deleted] for mayor at the time (and was accused on this forum of being anti-cop and called nasty name by posters).

Eventually [deleted] becomes disenchanted with the mayor because of something she heard but couldn’t reveal, and began criticizing [deleted] on this forum. (The people who used to call her nasty names praise her to high heaven).

More and more city people came on the forum ripping on the mayor and there are squabbles at council meetings.

An alderman reports to the police that another alderman told him he heard [deleted] say there was going to be “blood in the streets.” out in the hall after a council meeting, so there’s a big hoopla in the Press over that. [deleted] supporters said he was speaking figuratively.

Around that time, [deleted] was running for alderman and he was getting ripped on this forum as being a [deleted] crony.

[deleted] contacts the owner of my forum service and complains that he was being defamed. I get a warning saying I could no longer allow [deleted] name on my forum. People continue to bash him, so my forum gets shut down.

I start a new forum and use the word J**** in place of his name.

[deleted] said [deleted] told her that [deleted] encouraged him to complain to my forum service.

[deleted] friend, alderwoman [deleted], tells [deleted] that she better watch what she posts on this forum, because [deleted] and 3 attorneys were monitoring it and planning to initiate a lawsuit against [deleted] for defamation.

The mayor also tells city employees they can’t visit this forum on city computers, and during council meetings cries about the gossip on the forum and radio station. The Press prints articles favoring the mayor.

Then came the recall movement.

It was around that time that an alderman sent an e-mail to [deleted] quoting a newspaper article about ACT 40 which allows municipalities to ‘abolish’ their police department and contract with the Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. (ACT 40 says the Sherrif’s Department must try to hire as many officers from the dissolved force as possible. The purpose is to combine forces, but ACT 40 is usually enacted in small towns with small forces).

The council passes a motion to conduct a study into ACT 40 to see if it would be feasible for Sheboygan. The Sheboygan Spirit gang interpret this as further proof of a [deleted] conspiracy to get rid of the Sheboygan PD.

I get sick of the recall people commandeering my forum and dictating to others what they could and couldn’t say on MY forum. Plus, I didn’t want to be held accountable for all the defamatory stuff they were posting. So I tell them to go start their own forum. That’s when Sheboygan Spirit was born.

Someone posts a photoshopped photo on the Sheboygan Spirit forum of [deleted] carrying a Mexican flag with the words “[deleted]” The Press features this on its front page the next day along with accusations of racism coming from these forums. The mayor claims he got racist letters and phone calls. The Press also prints articles suggesting the Sheboygan Police are racist. The recall movement distances itself from Sheboygan Spirit so they aren’t accused of being racist.

The recall fails.

Then came the [deleted] investigation and it comes out why [deleted] was disenchanted with the Mayor. During a phone conversation between friends, alderwoman [deleted] makes a comment to [deleted] saying something like, You watch. [deleted] will get hired for the City Tourism job after her husband votes in favor of getting rid of the Chamber. ([deleted] vote created a tie, which [deleted] was able to break in favor of ditching the Chamber). [deleted] wife does indeed get the job.

[deleted] interprets [deleted] comments on the phone as a confession that there was a job-for-vote agreement between [deleted] and [deleted]. She calls [deleted] back and asks her about it again, and [deleted] tells [deleted] not to say anything because [deleted] didn’t know she was saying this stuff to [deleted]. [deleted] insists she never actually heard there was a job-for-vote agreement, she was just spouting off.

[deleted] was also taking a lot of heat at the time for being “anti-police.” Especially for saying she was “uncomfortable” with a local company donating tasers while at the same time wanting a road closed that would benefit the company. The CEO of the company threatens an investigation against [deleted].

[deleted] contacted the State Attorney General over the “job for vote” accusations against the mayor. A secret investigation and John Doe hearing was conducted. Investigators have [deleted] house wired and tell her to invite [deleted] over and try to get her to confess concrete evidence that [deleted] really did promise [deleted] a job for his vote.

Meanwhile, the Sheboygan Spirit gang talk like [deleted] would soon be hauled out of City Hall in handcuffs for some heinous “felony.” Turns out the felony was the job-for-vote accusation.

Bickering goes on between Sheboygan Spirit, WHBL, the mayor and Press.

Jeni finds notes outside her door with death threats.

The mayor and [deleted] are cleared after the John Doe hearing.

District Attorney DeCecco lambasts everyone for all the petty investigations and bickering.

[deleted], who had been hired by WHBL at the time for the “Brat Logic” show along with Brat Logic host “Igor” rips on the Sheboygan Press the next day and complains about the result of the [deleted] investigation. The Press calls WHBL, [deleted] gets canned that day and “Brat Logic” is taken off the air. WHBL’s manager goes on the air fighting tears over all the “immature” behavior that came from Brat Logic.

Sheboygan Spirit gang cries that WHBL gave in to the Mayor and the Press.

Sheboygan Spirit continues to obsess over ripping on the mayor and anyone they perceive as one of the mayor’s “cronies.” Anyone who questions or criticizes Sheboygan Spirit are called a “cop-hater” and/or accused of being influenced by the Mayor.

Jeni and her Bible quoting mother go after [deleted] on Sheboygan Spirit with all kinds of accusations and conspiracies about him because he was a eeeeevil Mason.

Sheboygan Spirit goes after [deleted] and her husband because he helped install the webcam at Blue Harbor. They accuse [deleted] husband of spying on Sheboygan via the webcam link on the city website.

One conspiracy gets crazier than the last.

The moral of the story is, the Mayor can be a knucklehead sometimes, but the Sheboygan Spirit gang are bigger knuckleheads with all their conspiracies and obsession over the mayor and police department. Sheboygan won’t give them an ear anymore, so Jeni has to cry to Milwaukee.

Screen shot of the beginning – for proof, you understand. 😉 As will always be the case with these big ones, click to view a larger image.

11-02-2007 Gossip Time Line

Quite obvious what she’s attempting to do here, isn’t it. Roll eyes

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