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Posting on 11-02-07 11-02-2007: 10:03 AM: “Poor, poor, Jeni. Everybody hates her.”

Hm. Mr. Sykes did a great job reiterating the story – I didn’t realize that meant he “hated” me. But more than that, I didn’t realize they could tell the world how he feels about – ahem – me(?). I’ve never met him! In fact, I’ve never even spoken with him. The only reason for talking so stupid like that is in hopes others who didn’t listen to the show would think Mr. Sykes did, in fact, “hate me”.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Now Medusa tries to get in on the whole situation I was facing with the link matter as if she’s some kind of expert – when in truth, she had absolutely nothing to do with it, and get this – Medusa does NOT even live in the city of Sheboygan! Regarding the lawsuit I was filing, Medusa says:

November 2, 2nd posting

11-02-2007, 11:36 AM: “I linked to this forum on two of the blogs and told visitors to post here if they have more questions.”

Can you beat that? Now she’s running around the blogs I frequented, trying to pretend to be some kind of “expert” on my life and my “situation”! Stunning, just stunning. In truth, she knows NOTHING of what she speaks. Did not then, and does not now.

And now…DRUM ROLL (she was to beat this drum quite heavily and quite often from this point onward): I WAS CHARGED WITH CREDIT CARD FRAUD IN MARCH (27th to be exact) OF 1993!!!

Shout it from the roof tops!

DID YOU HEAR ME??? You MUST know this – the WORLD must know this, EVERY SINGLE PERSON POSSIBLE MUST KNOW THIS!!! (According  to the world of mad, mad, mad Medusa, that is). Oh but I must note, on this post she used her little anonymous posting feature she was so fond of, and went by the fake name of “anti-jeni” – gosh, think it took a rocket scientist to figure out that could only be her? 😉

Anti Jeni post on 11-02-2007

11-02-2007, 03:08 PM: “Did you see somebody posted Holy Jeni’s past criminal record on Sheboygan spirit? Multiple hit and runs . . . credit card fraud . . . good thing we have this fraud broad keeping Sheboygan honest.”

If you wish, go back to Book Bit 007 to see a copy of Medusa’s favorite screen shot – ever. (Probably because it’s the only thing she could ever prove in 7 years.)

Get the 411Allow me to fill you in on this old fraud broad’s “criminal record”. In 1993 I used someone’s credit card without their permission. I was caught, charged with credit card fraud (important – I was charged with 2 misdemeanors), admitted my wrong doing, paid my fines, paid the person off who’s card I used and moved on. It was stupid, wrong and foolish as the day is long – but in a lot of ways the experience changed my life. I realized when I did that I was going down a path that was not good and I either turn around and change courses immediately or face a bleak future. So I changed courses and made something out of my life. Made lemonade out of lemons, as the old saying goes.

That’s it.

However, none of that matters to a psychotic person like Medusa. She decided this made me a criminal so therefore a criminal I was… So there’s the 411 on my big criminal record. Not too exciting, is it.

On a side note – as for those “multiple hit and runs” – no clue what she’s talking about. She must have gotten that information from the voices in her head.

The voices that just won’t quit…

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