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Whoop-De-Do, We Have a Waterloo!

On November 1st, 2007, Medusa started a topic on her forum she titled, “Sheboygan Spirit meets its Waterloo?

Posting on 11-01-2007
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11-01-2007: 10:57 PM: “I can only wish that Jeni and the gang will be silenced. Their kind of radical ‘justice’ is truly bad for our community. But, I fear that this will only spur them on. I am encouraged by the fact that their numbers seem to be decreasing. There are few posters over there these days. They are no longer able to gather enough support to make a difference.”

Actually, she was right about fewer posters, but she doesn’t say why – it was because of her. She and her constant pecking got people (including myself) to a point many just tired of it all and walked away.  And they weren’t just walking away from Spirit, they were walking away from her hate filled forum, too. What I was also to learn later, was that she had been bashing myself and anyone who befriended me – and the Spirit forum in general – all that time I wasn’t paying a bit of attention to her. I was oblivious – wish I could have remained that way!

Moving on, we now have a hit and run posted on a blog I had at the time called “Sheboygan Shenanigans”:

New comment on your post #42 “Man facing time for child abuse”
Author : JESS (IP:
E-mail :
Comment: “I think this site is a pathetic misinformation board comparable to the National Enquirer. you’re quick to point fingers. What skeletons do you hide? Let’s not forget the coward that runs the site. It’s real easy to lie about people when they don’t know who you are. To me the lot of people like you should be taken out of the gene pool. You are what’s wrong with society. An entire nation full of finger pointers.”

“I have proof that you have lied about at least one person, and intend to dig more. How does a slander lawsuit sound to you Ms. Nameless Misinformation? double check your facts I know people who are speaking to attorneys about you and the lies you’ve told. I’d redo my site if I were you. put up ‘under-construction’ banners but then again, it’s your assets that are jeopardized by a lawsuit not mine.”

Well, that was obviously her.

Woman going crazyShe ALWAYS has PROOF – but never coughed any up – nor does she now, as she continues screeching this kind of shrill garbage (and worse). It’s always, “someone told me”. Or, “rumor has it…”. Right Struck, right. THAT’S real convincing (not).

On the flip side, it must have drove her batty that I always did show where I obtained information from, when I obtained it, and how I obtained it. The only thing I would leave out is from whom I may have obtained a heads-up from. Furthermore, much of the discussions and postings on my blog came straight from council meetings – which I even went to the trouble of video taping so I would have indisputable proof that a quote was a quote – right from the horse’s mouth, as the old saying goes.

She wanted me silenced.

She wanted my web sites “down”.

She wanted me gone – in whatever way it took.

And she wasn’t going to quit trying.

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