Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 011

Repeat from last post: I do have digital copies of all of this. This is all going to be documented as it occurred. Extraneous material, such as the long-winded, insufferable conversations she had with herself that simply made no sense whatsoever, will be weeded out, since it is irrelevant garbage. Original posts will be left as as they were posted – I will even include screen shots of some of the postings.

Off we go. It’s libel and defamation time.

First, Medusa let’s everyone know, on her foolish forum, (this is SO rich) they shouldn’t be defamatory. In a topic where she addressed the issue of copying and pasting articles from the Press, Medusa tossed in the following comment.

What to post here says Medusa
“Just don’t post anything defamatory or libelous.”

My word, what unmitigated gall! If only she would take her own advice! Major eye roll…lol.

Now… We begin with a surprise hate message left on my blog:

Hate Post 10-29-2007
(click image for larger view)

“I have cross referenced this with the places you claim to get your information from. You’ve boldly told lies. You have 24 hours to remove this entry from your site, or legal action will be taken. And on a personal note. Who do you think you are? Who are you to judge? The person who’s so emotionally screwed up they hide behind a monitor namelessly? There’s an outcry now. You’ve told lies and there are quite a few people who aren’t going to sit idly by while you openly lie about them. See you in court.”

I’m still waiting for that court date – and I used my name; not sure how that equals anonymous. But what’s REALLY odd is I haven’t a clue what all that nonsense was about! Never did figure it out; however, I was soon to learn that this would become quite common – senseless, pointless, out-of-nowhere lies, nonsense, made-up scenarios and just plain bull from the mad mind of Medusa.

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2 Responses to Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 011

  1. Avatar Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Plain bull is right! Never saw someone who could make up malicious garbage like that woman does.

  2. Avatar marc jacobs
    marc jacobs says:

    Nice post.