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2007: Medusa’s Madness Manifests

Previously I mentioned that the recall group and myself had moved on. One thing you can bank on is that I DO tell the truth. I do my best to live my life in such a way I have zero reason TO lie. We literally “moved on” I had long since removed myself from Medusa’s forum. When I did so, I had no desire to go back. In fact, after a few months, I had forgotten about it.

The Spirit forum continued to thrive and most of us stayed in touch on and off line. In April I met someone who was to become very special to me for quite some time. I was working hard, enjoying my new “special” friendship, enjoying my family as always, and just keeping busy in general.

Minding my own businessI have no idea what occurred on Medusa’s forum from January to November of 2007. I didn’t go there, nor did I care what she was doing. She had already positioned herself as a creature of ill repute that I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with. I had worked too hard, for too long, distancing myself from trouble-makers and ne’er do-wells. The last thing I needed or wanted was trouble. Medusa defines trouble.

In late October of 2007, a very strange incident occurred to me that involved the then-mayor – the very same one we attempted to recall. That, too is another story, but the very short version is, he was after me (as you can gather from the referenced articles above) and attacked my first amendment rights. How? Well, I had been in the process of creating what I had hoped would be my business web site for web design services. Back in those days, a web page for links was a common practice. I had a “links” page with a couple local links, which included one to the local Sheboygan Police web site. That bothered this mayor. So much so, he had the city attorney send me a “cease and desist” letter regarding the link to the police department.

The cease and desist letter was bad enough; however, I decided fine, I’ll just take the link off. The then-mayor couldn’t stop there. Next he wanted “the linkINVESTIGATED. Meaning, have ME investigated.

That ruffled my feathers. Enough was enough, for heaven’s sake. That man had been a thorn in my side long enough, so I sent the information on the police “investigation” to a local, very popular talk show host, who ran with the story. I had to attempt to stop the insanity.

From there, the incident hit the news – BIG. The local talk radio host commented it was just “eerie” – and indeed, it most certainly was.

All I did was make a web site!

This whole petty mess became huge, resulting in my filing a federal lawsuit against him for infringing on my 1st amendment rights.

By November 1st, Medusa caught wind of the story and BOOM! The claws came out. From here on you’ll notice a lot of “[deleted]”‘s due to names of people who befriended me or did business with me. Defaming and libeling names of people I associated with was a common practice of Medusa’s. Every single one of them faded out of my life, not wanting their names brought up or their lives and families smeared by the evil, mad Medusa.

I do have digital copies of all of this. This is all going to be documented as it occurred. Extraneous material, such as the long-winded, insufferable conversations Medusa had with herself that simply made no sense whatsoever, will be weeded out, since it is irrelevant garbage. Original posts will be left as as they were posted – I will even include screen shots of some of the postings.

Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 010

  1. Avatar Wissman
    Wissman says:

    Thank you for giving everyone an exceptionally marvelous opportunity to read in detail. It is also packed with amusement for me and my office colleagues to visit the blog at the very least thrice per week to learn the latest. And definitely, I am at all times satisfied with all the awesome creative concepts you serve.

  2. Avatar Jimmy
    Jimmy says:

    Ah Jeni…I was “there” in those beginning days of Spirit and yes, am guilty of fading away. But it sure wasn’t you. You did a great job keeping that forum on topic and clean and man, that really was appreciated. I wish I would have told you that back then.

    We’ve never met, but I hope our paths cross one day so I can shake your hand, look you in the eye and say, “Well done”.

    I’ll be reading.