Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 007

In August of 2006, after the Sheboygan Press (in spite of my begging them not to) did their write-up on the death threats I’d received, the result was more nasty forum and guest book postings. I removed them immediately, without saving, because the ugliness of it all was beginning to wear on me. They consisted of more threats, ugly racist comments and some just gibberish. At this point, I could never have imagined this kind of indecency would not only occur, but was never to end. Naive, wasn’t I.

And Medusa…well, she obsesses on it all for quite some time, with conjectures that were so insufferable they left one incredulous – some scenarios she conjured up were just downright stupid. As of this writing, she still tosses out bits and pieces from this time period. To use the word obsessive would be a gross understatement.

I really didn’t know what to do at this point, so after the Press played with my life handing Medusa a good dose of fuel, and the police did next to nothing, I posted a favorite quote of mine that I felt was quite fitting:

“To force a man to drop his own mind and to accept your will as a substitute, with a threat in place of a syllogism, with terror in place of proof, and death as the final argument — is to attempt to exist in defiance of reality.“

“Reality demands of man that he act for his own rational interest; your threat demands of him that he act against it. Reality threatens man with death if he does not act on his rational judgment; where the price of his life is the surrender of all the virtues required by life.”

“If there are degrees of evil, it is hard to say who is the more contemptible: The brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his mind.

“That is the moral absolute one does not leave open to debate. I do not grant the terms of reason to men who propose to deprive me of reason. I do not enter discussions with neighbors who think they can forbid me to think. I do not place my moral sanction upon a murderer’s wish to kill me.” — Excerpts taken from “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.

I ignorantly believed at this point in time that most people were sensible and rational and would have the insight to understand the message I’d hoped that quote would send. Was I wrong! Medusa is not one bit sensible or rational. Quite the contrary.

On August 11th, a nasty post was made by Medusa with a link added to Wisconsin Court Access regarding an arrest for credit card fraud that I was guilty of nearly 20 years ago. (It will be 20 years in March of 2013). I did not keep a copy of the post, but have copies of an e-mail I sent to the recall group to inform them of the incident so they would not be taken by surprise should someone toss it their way. Point being, many received that email and saw what was going on and what Medusa was doing to me.

Medusa ran around to blogs I frequented and posted about those charges over and over and over again (can we say “obsessed”??), so I went to the most popular one and posted an explanation. Everyone in the blog-o-sphere that I participated in was terrific about it, seeing it as I did – an old mistake from the distant past that was, in reality, quite trivial. Yet, suddenly I found myself in this insufferable position of being on the defense of my own life, when all I really was, was the web developer behind the recall site.

In other words, it wasn’t about me – or wasn’t supposed to be! To this day the she-devil of Sheboygan continues to bring up those charges. No one else seemed to give a whit. But Medusa – she cannot let it go, as you’ll see as things progress. In fact, as I write this it is April of 2013 and she is STILL posting screen shots of my now 20-year old gaffe. And really, who cares? I’ve atoned, repented, apologized and most importantly, repaid any debt to society I created so no, I don’t care any longer, no one else I know does – but in the event you’re curious…

Sheboygan She-Devil’s favorite screen shot of all:

(PLEASE NOTE THE FACT THAT THESE WERE MISDEMEANOR CHARGES! Later the wicked witch will repeatedly cite me as a “felon” for them – just another deliberate lie to paint me in the worst light possible).

Struck's favorite screen shot

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4 Responses to Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 007

  1. ‘Scuse my language, but what an evil bitch to take a screen shot of that and splatter it all over the I-net.

    • That’s okay, Rick. The language out of the witches mouth is going to get far, far worse.

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