Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 006

Shortly after the July 22nd addition to the recall forum noted above, I was contacted by the District Attorney of Sheboygan County. The District Attorney said he had to look into charges against me because the mayor complained about the web site and said it was illegal if I did not register it with the State Elections Board. The (then) mayor also wanted the DA to charge me with a hate crime. For what you ask? I wish someone could tell me!

Reference the headline of an article that ran in the Sheboygan Press: DA: Anti-[deleted] Web posts, calls, letters not illegal, Sheboygan Press, July 25, 2006

Press article headline of DA findings

Another article ran in the Sheboygan Press on July 26, 2006 titled, “Recall Web Site to register as political action committee”. The article explained how I may have been “violating state law by not registering as a political action committee”. Um. I was a web designer – NOT a political activist. Yet the Press insisted on portraying me as such.
Oy Vay
On July 24th, Mike Knuth of the Sheboygan Press via an e-mail, threatened to sue me with copyright infringement and forced me to take down articles I referenced on the recall site. I added their links. Gee. I always thought it was an honor to have others link to another web site…I was wrong. Always learning…and of course, my most sincere apologies to the Sheboygan Press.

You can imagine the “fun” Medusa had with all of this. And me – well heck, all I did was make a web site. And get this – I enjoyed making it! Truly, I did. What was quite the learning experience was the ramifications in doing so – including negative health effects.

On July 25th, the following was posted in the recall web site’s guest book, which I have little doubt Medusa was responsible for, although I could not prove it then or now. Again, my belief is based on the proxies used – and the fact that she was the only one using them as well as the only person harassing us.

These were all copied precisely as posted; with the exception of many corrections in spelling – I was going to leave them as is to further show the ignorance; however, I didn’t want to have a book rife with spelling errors, so I have corrected words that were spelled incorrectly:

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f**k all you fags who want the recall,at least hes helping the minorities. If your not satisfy then y not vote Chia Vang for mayor n make everyone happy he kill you to

Excuse me, but just who is REALLY dragging race into this? It sure wasn’t me, nor was it the recall group. And what kind of person talks of “killing” all the time? Definitely a “creep factor” going on.

The Physical Distress Begins

During this period, I developed an ugly “rash” on my right hand. I saw my doctor and he diagnosed it as psoriasis, a condition often caused by stress. I had never suffered anything like this before. I do not have the exact date I was diagnosed, but the information is on file with my doctor. In any event, I will now be susceptible to outbreaks of psoriasis the rest of my life. Thus the nightmare of physical symptoms of all of this begins…and believe me, this was only the beginning. In addition to the psoriasis, hyper-ventilating and chronic irritable bowel were kicking in and anxiety attacks were became daily – and scary – events.

I blamed myself – felt I wasn’t being “strong” enough. Needed to “thicken my own skin” etc. So that’s what I did, one day at a time…

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