Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 005

In addition to the death threats noted in the previous post, there were harassing telephone calls (also reported) received to my home telephone number. Nothing was ever done – about any of it, to anyone involved.

On July 22nd, the following was posted on the recall forum (unedited):

We need to contact WI state Ethics Board, FBI.
“Hello, we need to contact the State of Wisconsin Ethics Board to investigate if [name deleted] or his campaign accepted monies from the National Council of Laraza, a racist anti-American organization or any other organization or groups connected to the Mexican Government. Also the FBI should be contacted to investigate if [name deleted] has been involved in the smuggling of illegal aliens into our community. His wife should also be investigated for illegal activities such loans and home loans to illegal aliens”.

I had no clue as to who posted it but again I was labeled as some kind of “racist”. Gee, think it could be her setting me up for another fall? Probably, but again, I couldn’t prove it so I deleted it due to its racist overtones and kept my lips zipped.

The recall site also had a guest book visitors could sign; this had been implemented since its inception. We had been getting a lot of positive and supportive comments; however, right around this time, in addition to the above post on the forum, was the following entry in the recall site’s guest book this same day (warning: foul language):

Comments by: Robin Yount on 7/22/2006 12:23:49 PM
IP Address:
Country: United States
“Leave the guy along. Get a f*****g life CUNT OR DIE!”

I did some quick IP look-ups and these were all done with the use of proxies – the very same proxies Medusa was so fond of using. Coincidence? I doubt it.

The Sheriff wasn’t taking the death threats seriously, anyway, so I certainly didn’t feel inclined to tell them about these nasty posts. To quote Capt. Dave Adams:

While the notes could be interpreted as a threat, the Sheriff’s Department is not investigating them as a serious crime”.

Gee Sheriff, thanks… Reference the excerpt from an article below, which ran in The Sheboygan Press, July 29, 2006:
Adams quote

Now I knew where I stood.

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