Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 004

Now I Must Die?

In July of 2006 death threats started to come to my home. All along I suspected Medusa was guilty of most of the shenanigans going on; however, I did not want to be quick to judgment regarding the threats because one could not refute the fact there was much publicity locally at this point that undoubtedly could have brought out the ugly nature so prevalent in the nation these days. So again I kept my lips zipped, but quietly reported all of the incidents to the police.

Death threat one received on July 22, 2006

First Death Threat

First Death Threat  2nd Page

Death threat two received on July 27, 2006

Death threat 2

Death threat three received August 9, 2006:

Death threat 3

All I did was make a web site. Crying emoticon

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