Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 003

“THE” Flag Picture

When the picture was brought to my attention by a member of the recall group, I removed it from the photo gallery immediately so as not to “offend” anyone with thin skin and a penchant for crying foul. It was not on the web very long at all – probably not even 24 hours, yet the Press took a screen shot of that image and splattered it as huge as could be, across their front page. The picture was so big on the front page of the Press I could not capture it all on one image scan, but the image shows the picture that was plastered into our photo gallery.

THE Flag Picture

Suddenly I’m informed by the people I thought were so wonderful, that my role in the effort was now changed to being that of strictly the Web developer of the recall site. In other words, my name on the list of members, which had just been added – was swiftly and completely removed, as if the fault lie at my feet.

This was my first casualty.

I was in touch with many of the recall members on a regular basis as they were the source of everything that was posted on the web site; in fact, they went over every word with me to “approve” all of the content the site contained – Not one word went onto the official recall site that they didn’t tell me to put there.

Now, instead of standing strong together, they said they needed to distance themselves from the web site and the photo. This was the first of many incidents like this – and a complete shock for me. Politics is as politics does…but I was so blissfully ignorant in the workings of politics, at this point I simply didn’t “get it”.

I was personally stunned and said as much; however, I did sincerely like the people I was working with even though I felt their behavior was timorous. I still believed that the effort was the right thing to do for Sheboygan. So I carried on…

In spite of turning their backs on me, they did ask me to continue adding information received by the recall group to the web site. I could tell many of them suspected I posted that image and I knew there was no way I could prove my innocence. Many of the people involved in the effort were strong supporters of the police – as was I at the time – and some were police officers. They’re naturally suspect of everything, so I knew I could only tell them the truth and pray they understood the position I’d been placed into. However, they really hadn’t known me that long so I couldn’t even blame them if they still felt suspicious. So I acquiesced – and kept my lips zipped.

In an article that appeared in a local paper, I was to witness the extent (note that “CRG” was how the recall group was referred to) in which the recall group betrayed me, leaving me to fend for myself against the picture debacle and all the verbal assaults that began to flow my way.

The comments they made in that article were so very, very hurtful it took me some time to collect myself and discuss it with them. Every single word on that recall web site was dictated to me, by them. I wrote none of it myself, never took any liberties with it and was so very, very watchful and protective of it – FOR THEM.

The forum was a complete entity of its own with more freedom for users – but it was also completely separate from the main recall site (it wasn’t even on the same server or host). The recall site WAS created just for the recall group and effort, contrary to a stunning comment made in that article.

I was devastated by their lies; literally rendered speechless for a time. The entire site was theirs – made for them, for the recall, at my expense, as a donation to their efforts! Yet…

From an article printed in the Plymouth-Review on July 7, 2006, titled “Race Enters Recall Effort”:

CRG Executive: “Some things that we’ve asked her to do, she’s OK with, and some things she’s not. Ninety percent of her site is just fine. It’s all facts or it doesn’t belong here. We’re not about personal reasons, rumors or innuendos. We’re doing this for serious reasons.”

CRG Spokes person: “We’re grateful for the assistance of having some factual information posted in the Web site. We don’t support a lot of what’s there. At this point, we do not plan on creating our own Web site.”

It’s all about public perception and politics, you see? I finally began to “see” myself.

On July 20th, Nick, the aforementioned radio talk host, e-mailed me and requested I take down a button I had linking to the radio station’s web site. The button he previously was thrilled to have posted… Unfortunately, I did not keep that email – it was too painful. It was also the end of our friendship.

Casualty number two had just taken place.

As the nightmare unfolds, I think it will become quite clear why I now firmly believe Medusa pulled that despicable stunt with that silly little image and her love of proxy-produced hate. Stay tuned.

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